Wild West Pinball Quick Review

This is by far the most realistic pinball experience for the iPhone. That said, it’s not perfect. The game plays very well, and looks excellent! Unfortunately, with only one fairly lackluster table to play, and limit high score abilities, it may not keep you coming back for more.

Presentation & Graphics
Fantastic 3D pinball table and animations. Very crisp visuals, and a buttery smooth

frame rate. It doesn’t get any more realistic than this.

Sounds like a pinball machine.

Excellent pinball physics, and very easy/responsive controls. Sometimes the moving camera causes you to miss a shot from not being able to always see your flippers. Really

It looks great up close. Wait, where are my flippers?!

It looks great up close. Wait, where are my flippers?!

needs the choice between moving or stationary camera. Seems like in the 20 or so games I played, I spent way too much time hitting obstacles instead of targets. Table design could use some work.

Because there’s only one pinball table, and not a lot to do on that table, this isn’t exactly the kind of game that keeps you coming back. Pair that with the fact it doesn’t let you submit a score for each game, and it’s nearly impossible to aim for beating a previous high score. Oh, and you have to go to the website to see the full high score list. Laaaaaaame.

Game Rating

Wild West pinball is the best looking pinball game on the iPhone, and to be honest, one of the most impressive 3D engines I’ve seen yet for the device. The game is easy to pickup and play, and is certainly fun. Unfortunately, with very limited high score access, and only one boring/poorly designed table, it’s probably more for the hardcore pinball fans. If you are one of those fans, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Wild West Pinball – $2.99

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  • svolskiy

    Wild West Pinball dropped price to $0.99 till 05.01.2009! Hurry up :)

  • Eric

    How is the high score over 1 billion now?? that can’t be possible, can it?

  • Mazzone

    Yeah there is NO WAY that someone got a billion or even 100 million WTF is goin on. There has got to be a cheat code somewhere.

  • Drew

    ohh yea! number 1 high scorer here! search me on Facebook under Andrew Elbe :D woot woot! number 1 in the world!!!

  • Drew

    and there is no cheat code… it just takes lots of skills.. like me :lol: