Where’s My Water 2 Review

Innocence lost

Disney has a very straightforward mission statement: make people happy.

Unfortunately, with Where’s My Water 2 the company unloads a rather intrusive freemium model upon the player, with the intention to get people hooked and consequently letting them down. Where’s My Water 2 mimics its own series by applying mostly the same gameplay, but quickly starts nagging with Facebook requests and an energy meter that allows for just a little playtime.

The game is comprised of some of the assets that made Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry so much fun to play: smooth graphics, fun distractions (the gnomes and duckies) and huge amounts of levels filed to the brim with colorful puzzles. The basics are the same, as you’ll have to dig towards levers, get water to rain down on Swampy, get steam to power Allie’s organ and purple water to Cranky’s food to save it from fungus. In Where’s My Water 2, all of these elements are combined to serve one purpose: push the player towards paying up, in order for them to advance.

Although Where’s My Water 2 seems produced with the combined successes of the prior games in mind, there’s a huge difference here. The goal has shifted from helping crocs to just “getting ahead”. It’s a perfect example of the freemium curse: story makes place for scoring and grinding your way through as many challenges as possible. It severely hurts the formerly innocent Where’s My Water franchise, one that is (or rather was) enjoyed by both parents and children alike. Both now face frequent Facebook login requests and an ample amount of purchasable items that presumably help the player to get ahead.

Despite sporting over a hundred challenges and levels that are sporadically fun to play, we don´t regard this game as a worthy successor to Where´s My Water. That first entry in the series was unique because of its simple yet fun premise and innocent, duckie-filled puzzles. Where´s My Water 2 distances itself by adding boosts, hints and an energy meter that heralds a rather aggressive payment model. Most parents happily fork over € 0,89 for a frequently updated puzzle game that can be played together with the kids. Unfortunately, social requests and energy shortage take away that joint experience, turning Where’s My Water 2 in a rather joyless undertaking.

Where’s My Water 2 is available now as a universal download for free. Get it in the

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  • Dantv

    Another games destroyed by the freemium model. So sad what’s happening to the App Store.