Where is the COD: Black Ops Zombies review?

We’ll be holding off on our review of this game until Activision releases an update.

We don’t often hold back from a review based on a bad experience with a game. But when we consider a release to be broken, there really isn’t much point. It’s not helpful to us or to you, the consumer.

We were as excited as everyone when Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies did a surprise drop on the AppStore last week. Unfortunately though, it seems like it was rushed out the door. For example there is only one map. Granted it’s a big one, but we’d expect more. Two, the controls are pretty bad, compared to Gameloft’s FPS controls, COD:BOZ just feels antiquated. But the main issue for us as reviewers is that the online component isn’t working. Some of us have managed to get into a game, but the majority, including myself have had no luck at all. When it’s such a big part of the overall experience, we simply feel we can’t justify reviewing it until at least the online connection issue is fixed.

So, if you are looking for a review, then you won’t find one here until at least the next update to COD: Black Ops Zombies hits the AppStore. Until then we can at least advise you ‘NOT TO BUY THIS GAME!’

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  • MKplayer1start

    Look forward to the review. The game is pretty good but like you say the online co-op is broken. There is however more than 1 map since you can unlock dead ops arcade which is actually pretty good and definitely would keep anyone busy till the next map is released.


    Yeah, it was a good idea to hold off on the review, looking forward to it.

  • 12yam

    Its not just the lack of content, controls, and broken multiplayer.

    The single player mode is broken as well! It crashes most of the time I try to load it, and the framerate is horrible.I’m trying to get a refund. I’m not as hopeful as you are about a performance update.

  • Toy Chest Games

    Sounds like this is a smart call! Also, kudos to you guys for giving it a fair shot.

  • gh3ry0n

    Agreed on the “antiquated” feeling. If gyroscopic controls get tweaked to fit what Gameloft introduced, it’ll be a huge leap forward.

    I’m confident about the number of upcoming maps (as they did with the 1st opus), however I also agree on the fact that nowadays it’s a bit cheap to tease players with this when the initial release has such limited content.

    No comment on multiplayer : couldn’t access it at all, just like you guys.

    To be honest, as there were neither teasers nor ads about this before release and seeing how many flaws this product has while still looking promising, I really wonder… An “accidental” release ?


    What a Shame. Well, back to modern combat 3. :)

  • JackJ

    I think you’ve made a wise decision to hold fire on the review for now.

    It seems to me that they released this game purely on the back of the COD name alone. I think that is the sole reason it was released, seemingly prematurely and with issues, not to mention a surprisingly lack of content. It looks strongly like the developer thought, “it has the COD name attached so it will sell regardless”.

    This is a real shame because it will result in COD-related titles being released in future that may be sub-standard but which the developers know will sell purely because of the name.

  • Sako Hamilton

    I like how the virtual joypad appears where ever u put ur finger. I also like d omission of an actuall shoot button which in turn gives u d option to tap anywhere to fire. Rotating ur player is done badly though. I can’t pull to the right & hold to spin around a 360. Plus the game crashes Frequently. A restart fixes it but not for long lol

  • Sako Hamilton

    The game does not save ur state, so if u pause, kill d app & then reopen it. there is no continue option lol

  • http://me arslan shakeel

    this game is terrible at the moment. i have not even played it yet because of the constant crashes. if they don’t update it i have wasted £5.

  • Jeffrey65

    Also, where is the Batman: Arkham City Lockdown review?

  • Isaac

    Ive played this for a few hours and it is starting better than the first COD: Zombies app. I’m sure they will fix the online and add more maps. Otherwise, why would they show the other maps on the selection. World At War Zombies started with just one map and now it has four.

  • Chrisredfield

    Where is the Arkham City Lockdown review?

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    @Chrisredfield… Batman was a surprise to all of us in the iOS reviewing community… we have yet to play it.. hopefully soon.

  • Sako Hamilton

    Why the hell are guys commenting on batman on COD’s section !!!!
    Nigel please try & contact activision to let them hurry d update, use ur magical English charm :P lol

  • Chrisredfield


    Because there isn’t a Batman Arkham City section.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    As soon as we have played it Chrisredfield, there will be. Didn’t think there was much point in posting yet until we’ve played it ;)

  • Chrisredfield


    I understand, I was just replying to Sako’s question.

  • clay

    if you uninstall all apps but it .it will run i got to round 19


    Gee I can wait for Activision to screw us over with overpriced DLC!

  • die potato

    the game will work if you update to IOS 5 BUT WHERE ARE THE WONDER WEAPONS+THE SPAS 12? I think it was a premature release because the game is missing some guns but hopefully there will be an update I have a 4th gen Ipod and it works it didn’t work in ios 4.3.3 then I updated to ios 5 it works now and also lower the detail level ofthe game from the options menu or it will crash when you buy a machine gun and start really killing

  • Sako Hamilton

    No wonder weapons !

  • Mark

    I know you are all complaining about the missing wonder weapons, but remember when the first game was released? Cod waw zombies was missing a good deal of guns but they added them when the new maps were released.

  • Kewlkid321

    Does it have a raygun on kino

  • Kewlkid321

    On waw i could never Packapunch now on black ops i packapunch every round

  • Sako Hamilton

    1.5 update is out but still crashes (iPod touch 4g)
    No brightness toggle/ bad controls/ I havent gotten to play the game ! this is ridiculous & hilarious ! Lol

  • Klay kray

    To all people that say they have no wonder weapons U ARE WRONG!!!!!! u just have to level up enough to unlock using them
    Hope I helped!

  • Alex

    Guys, the wonder weapons are not available yet, they will be added in the next update (hopefully) no such thing as ranking up to get them as this would be a stupid idea, as if your app started crashing and you had to re-install the app for it to work, you’d lose all your progress thus losing the wonder weapons, the update hasnt fixed crashing on my iPad 1 with iOS 5 on Multiplayer but solo is beginning to work now. If you need the game brighter then go to the settings on your iDevice not in the App. You can only rank up in Kino not DOA, why? as DOA works fine solo or co-op.

  • Sako Hamilton

    There seem to b a miscalberation of distance from zombies. They are able to hit me from quite far. I don’t like how the knifing is done either. When game crashes it doesn’t save ur progress. Voice chat during online is choppy & annoying with everyone talking over each other ! Lol very Laggy game play :P I just wanna enjoy this game so bad :( hope update releases soon.

  • Blackops8

    Does anyone have any idea when the next update it is they have lots of bugs and it pisses me off i paid 7 bucks for it and it has all these problems

  • ESG- 10mil downturn

    come on already just get out a new fuckin update like no joke the laggy connection on online gameplay, the voice chat is sucky like fuck, the guns arent even that many yet, there alot of fuckin bugs and shit, barely any maps, theres no contorls like gameloft’s control’s cause the ones provided suck ass. i swear to god that this game sucks ass on ios right now. its a shame of apple to have to release this game in this type of condition. it would have been better if they would have released the game like 2 months after so that all these people that paid for the app wouldnt have to play the game like this bitchy way. i swear apple, u guys need to improve the games on the ios device’s cause the games on it arent even that great if i say so…

  • Zombie3465

    When I pack a punch a weapon in call of the dead when I wait 10 seconds when the gun it’s on the pack a punch machine the gun disappears