Westward Review

Have you ever dreamed of finding some new and unexplored land? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn a small plot of dusty land into your own ravishing city? Well if you have, then I have the game for you. Allow me to present Westward, a game where it your objective to move into the wild west and set up your own little town.

Along the way you will be tasked with all kinds of quests and tasks, helping various people out of their binds. All of these will benefit you in some way, such as giving you some money or some other kind of resource or item.

The game plays out like a top down RTS, you control all the citizens and settlers in your town, assigning them places to work and live. Resource management is a huge part of the game. You have to make sure you keep enough food for the people in your city to eat, as well as enough wood and gold to build houses and farms and all sorts of buildings.

Generally, the quests in the game consist of you having to accumulate enough of a certain resource to pay someone to do something for you. For example, Harris Pilton, the giant hotel heir, thinks your town may be a little to small for one of their hotels, but if you get enough population, and 1000 gold, he just may be persuaded.

Than actually brings up another strong suit of the game, and that is the humor. They don’t take them self very seriously, and I love to see that in a game. They throw some witty pop culture references in there with changed names, like the aforementioned Harris Pilton joke. There was a couple occasions where I actually chuckled out loud while playing the game, and I honestly don’t remember any other iPhone game that actually made me laugh like that.

detI have been hoping for a decent RTS for the iPhone for a while now, and getting one that actually has a solid level of depth to it is awesome. It’s not your typical warfare RTS which is actually kind of nice. It was cool to see an RTS in a western theme.

It controls pretty well. You simply tap the guys you would like to move and tap where you would like them to go. If you are looking to move more then one guy at a time then you can select the lasso tool and drag it over the group you would like to select. It controls exactly like you would expect an RTS on the iphone to and for that I am grateful.

The graphics in the game aren’t spectacular or anything like that. They look good, but since the scale of the game is pretty big and the graphics reflect that, however, I still feel that they could look a little better with another layer of polish applied.

The sound in the game is pretty decent. It sets the tone for the game without being intrusive an any way.

Overall, if you like Westerns, and you like RTS games, then it’s easy for me to recommend Westward. With it’s good sense of humor and fun gameplay, it’s a solid package.

Presentation and graphics

Pretty good graphics for the scale of the maps that the game plays out on, but I feel like it could still look a little bit better in terms of resolution.


Decent enough sound that sets the tone for the game, still nothing game changing though.


Very fun and addicting RTS gameplay. If you are into resource management and building up a profitable city, then you will love the gameplay in Westward.


There is a pretty good amount of stuff to do in Westward. There is a lot of levels and things to keep you busy.

Game rating

Overall, a very good game. I enjoyed the time I spent with it for the most part.

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    This looks like a good game. first i thought this was going to be something like age of empires. i would like to see a game like that on iphone where you make your cities and take on your enimies with huge armies. Maybe something like making gestures to control different units. Hope some developer reads this and decides to make a game like that.

  • Jay

    I think I read about a game like that in developement… Not like Age of Empires, but more like Starcraft.


    Yeah that would be cool.

  • Bear

    it’s a very cool game.BUT why do i need the registration code?and what is it?i’m just a CHINESE teen,my English is pool so that i hardly understand what it want to said in the web.can you write back to me in Chinese?thank you