Westbang review

There are many ways to depict the Wild West but most feature guns in some way or another. Westbang is all about gun slinging, and making split second decisions. You are the new sheriff in town. The bad guys are in need of a proper spanking, and it is up to you and your trusty old six shooter to deliver it.


Even though the young rascal will probably mess with your car later on he is not the bandit here.

Each level feature three doors that open randomly revealing either bandits, civilians or objects you can shoot for bonuses or penalties. The game is all about reacting correctly to the threat at hand. There is also a sheriff’s code of honour in play forcing you to wait until a weapon is drawn at you to take the bandit down. The easiest bandits enter the doorway with gun drawn giving you all the justification you need. Most of them wait until they draw which forces you to keep your attention to the other doors as well. The further you progress the more different bandits are thrown in the fray. There are even those who can draw a bunch of cash instead of a gun, thus being innocent. No less than 21 different bandits according to the App Store page.

The game is all about high scores but playing the game feels more like an adventure. You get new banks to protect, and after each level something is added. There are also three levels of difficulty making for quite different experiences. The good mode has automatic reload as opposed to the bad/ugly modes. Bad is the standard mode that I have played the most, it is balanced and progression is steady. Ugly equals hard, and I am not quick enough to manage it yet.

Westbang does nothing really new, we have a bunch of shooting gallery games for the iPhone. What it does is that it takes the formula to a new level, and adds polish in a manner not seen before.

img_0286The developers, Rake in Grass, have already shown their talent with Archibald’s Adventure, and Westbang further establish them on the iPhone scene. Westbang is a quality product perfectly suited for the iPhone.

Presentation & Graphics


The graphics are colourful, clear and brimming with character. It is easy to see guns drawn at you, which is a must in a game such as this.




The funniest option screen ever!

Great music, great voice acting and superb sound effects. You can mute the in game music to play your own, and keep the sound effects. The iPhone vibrates when you are hit, and it is quite good to have that physical reminder when you miss a bandit. It can be turned off.



Tap the bandit you want to shoot, tap the cylinder to reload. Westbang gives you simple, and truly fun gameplay. It gets quite hectic quickly, and deciding who is friend or foe gets harder as well. You can pause, and continue later if you get fatigued or get an incoming call.




She is innocent, no matter what her ex-boyfriend tells you.

For bad/ugly modes you have to restart when it is game over, giving the game a long gamelife, just as classic arcade games do. There are online leader boards to record your score, and show the world that you are the real sheriff in town.

Game Rating


At $0.99 Westbang is a great purchase, and a heap load of bang for your buck. It is fun, addictive and works brilliantly on the iPhone. Highly recommended.

Westbang $0.99

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    i loved these games when i was a kid. :)
    oh wait i’m still a kid!!

  • Jay

    Mr. Kamblad, I feel that your review scores are generally high. No offense, but I think you need to be a tad bit harsher

  • Rock $ Rolla

    i loved this game when it came out

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Hey Jay, actually I have lots of really low scores in my reviews. io is the only 1-star review at the site for example. I will keep your advice in mind for the future though.

  • Johny K.

    It’s a great game for the price. I love the options menu :)

  • Jay

    well, that was a given. and sorry if i sounded harsh. :)