Wedgie Toss Review

Have you ever played one of those flash games where you have to launch your guy across a level and have him bang into stuff to get as much distance as possible? Good, then you have played wedgie toss. It’s exactly like one of those games, except instead of using some type of a slingshot to launch him you pull back on his underwear (hence the names Wedgie Toss).

This is a flash game to the core, and in the port to iPhone was not particularly well done, it looks very blurry and not well optimised for the iPhone resolution. The sound is pretty annoying as well, as you are traveling there is a very annoying wind sound that is looped over and again. This is one of those games that I played on vibrate whenever possible.

Overall, this game feels like it should be free because it is just not very good, and I have a really hard time recommending anyone spend any hard earned cash on this game.

Presentation & Graphics
The game does not look very, looks like a flash game that was not properly optimized to the iphone screen resolution.

The looped sound of the wind blowing past your character is annoying and not pleasant on the ears at all.

This is a very simple game, you tap the screen to stop a meter to determine your angle, and tap again to stop a meter to determine your power. Once in the air you can tap the screen to make your flap his arms a few times, and that is all there is.

Not something I want to spend a lot of time with, only one level to launch your guy on, and incredibly simple game play gives no real reason to keep coming back.

Game Rating

Not a very good game here. The lackluster port from flash to iPhone and non compelling game play make this game seem like it should be free, but shockingly, it isn’t.

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