Watt’s Shocking Quick Review

Watt’s Shocking is a standard Pipe Dream knock off with an electrical twist. Rather than liquid through pipes, it’s electricity through wires. The goal is to light up all the light bulbs on the board. You do this by rotating blocks with various wires to make a path. The game has some minor issues with touch controls, but generally plays well, and sounds fantastic!

Presentation & Graphics
Not amazing, but good.

Excellent energetic music, and great sound effects! The electric sounds are awesome, and really make you feel like you’re doing something powerful when you connect the wires.

Gameplay can get pretty addicting. Unfortunately there are only two gameplay modes, and you always have to choose the level and difficulty, rather than progressing through logically. In other words, you have to choose the level first (0-9), and then the difficulty (0-9) every time you want to play. You can just hit “continue” and progress through levels.

99 different levels in both standard and timed mode. Unfortunately, with no way to track your progress, and no sort of high scores, there’s not “progression” through the game, and thus not a big reason to keep playing the game.

Game Rating
Not a bad game, but in need of some updates to lock down the controls, and provide for some sort of progress tracking. Maybe even plot? Watts Shocking isn’t a great game, but it’s not bad. It will certainly provide some good entertainment, and the excellent sound and music adds some intensity to an otherwise standard game.

Watt’s Shocking $1.99

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