Waterfield Designs iPhone 4 Hint review

Want a hint about who called, or what time it is and at the same time have the great protection of a pouch? With the spanking new Hint from Waterfield Designs it is a possibility. It goes beyond that by also giving you the opportunity to work with the touchscreen while inside the pouch. A genius idea in my opinion that brings a new level of usability of the basic pouch design.

iphone-hint-back-lgThe Hint is at heart a one-piece leather pouch sewn together around the side edges. The leather is soft naturally tanned, and have a surprisingly good quality considering the low price of the pouch. The back of the pouch has pocket for credit cards in a stretchy material. The front has a large cut-out covered with a thin sheet of plastic.

The great thing with the hint is the large cut-out in the front that allows you to see who just called, texted or emailed. It is perfect with the latest iOS 5 update since notification Center can be a nightmare in other covered pouches. Messages about Poker Pals, Hexalex and Game Center are all easy to access without taking the phone out of the Hint. The fact that the plastic cover also works well for handling the phone is a huge positive aspect. It is possible to do most things you usually do, but with the added protection of the pouch. The only thing I think is awkward is writing longer texts, or playing games. Other than that it is ok checking email, surfing the Internet and playing asynchronous multiplayer games inside the Hint.

The large pocket on the back is more of a negative for me than it should be. The problems are that it doesn’t look as polished as the leather, and it is a bit too stretchy. When the iPhone 4 is inside the pouch it is easy to have two to four cards inside it without them falling out. Once the phone is removed there is nothing keeping the cards inside, and they all fall out. Having a pocket was a bit of a poor design choice, as only slots work well.

bildFor protection the Hint is good giving an overall good impact and scratch protection. It is also easy to extract by simply pushing in the middle of the bottom of the pouch. Inserting is also quite easy once you get used to compensate for the not so rigid structure of the pouch.

The Hint is a great idea, and I hope to see it further evolved. Being able to check in on you messages without removing the phone from the pouch is excellent. Even better is the fact that it is functional within as well. It comes highly recommended, and it is the perfect choice for those who don’t want a case but still want protection.

Final Rating


iPhone Hint at $25 Available in brown and black.

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