War Pinball HD Quick Review

The best pinball game on the App Store is here!

Gameprom, the people who brought you Wild West, Deep Sea, and Jungle Style Pinball (all fantastic pinball games sold separately) have decided it’s time to step up their game and license three classic war movies to turn into pinball tables: Platoon, Navy Seals, and Missing in Action. The best part? All three of these tables are available in one 99 cent app, which makes me wonder why the aforementioned original pinball titles haven’t found their way to a 99-cent pack yet… hmm…

Anyways, War Pinball HD is everything you could want in a pinball title for the iOS and more. No, seriously, that’s not some paid marketing line. Adding in features like stereoscopic 3D and full table descriptions was an awesome idea and a complete surprise to me. The 3D effect is only as good as the glasses you are wearing, but there are three different color-types to choose from, and it’s a cool option to have. The guides do a fantastic job clarifying what the hell everything does on each table, and how the “missions” in each game can be beaten. Each table feels extremely authentic, and once I knew what I was doing I was able to really play each table properly, rather than just randomly hitting the ball around.

The graphics are simply gorgeous on the iPad 2, as anti-aliasing and other tricks are used to smooth things out, and the sounds from the movies take me back to a happy place. In fact, all three of these movies have found a place on my Netflix queue after playing through their respective tables. War Pinball HD is three amazing pinball tables, packed with features and replayability, fantastic graphics, and awesome licensed themes, for $.99 on the iPhone and $3 on the iPad. The tilt features, adjustable camera perspectives, and 3D options are just icing on what is already the finest pinball game I’ve played on an iOS device.

P.S. You know a pinball game is good when your ball gets stuck on the table and you instinctively smack the side of your iPad to shake it lose. (And it works!)


War Pinball HD – $2.99

War Pinball – $.99 (iPhone/iPod)

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  • Octa

    Price is 2.99$ not .99$

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Hmm… I wonder if they had a launch deal going on before. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kire Mac

    price tracker shows it was never .99