WackyLands Green Review

Take adorable artwork, cute cutscenes, and fun mini games, and you have WackyLands Green, by Fairplay Labs. This game looks, sounds, and plays like a serious iPhone game should, but you shouldn’t take this game seriously! It will have you saving cows from UFOs, shooting sharks to save a surfer, and boating down a river with a lovestruck hippo. It’s a silly game that has been seriously developed and polished.

The game starts off with a cartoony planet that you spin to switch between games. Each time you start a game, you get a great little animated cutscene to set the stage. When you win or lose,



you’re presented with an equally entertaining mini-cutscene. This may seem like a simple factor of the game, but it really adds a great feeling of polish, and will probably make you smile or chuckle at certain points. There is an option to turn these off so you don’t have to skip them every time. It’s details like this that make me applaud a developer. It’s the little things.

The games themselves are excellent, and control very well. They look just as good! They sound great too! In fact, all three of the games are just plain fun, whether swiping to save cows from tractor beams, tapping to shoot oncoming sharks, or tilting to avoid river obstacles. The music and sound effects are great, and the animations in the game have a smooth cartoony feel.

There is an excellent survival mode that takes you through different challenges in each of the three games until you lose one. For instance, you may have to survive for 45 seconds in one game, but then reach a certain score in another game. The challenges keep changing until you wackylands3lose a game, when your final score is the number of games you made it through. Each game itself contains a regular game mode, along with three challenge modes. The challenge modes live up to their names as they are very much a challenge. I’ll admit, I only beat two out of the nine (3 per each of the 3 games).

My only complaint with WackyLands Green is that there just isn’t enough! I was really hoping to be able to unlock new mini games, or that a new world would open up after a certain amount of gameplay. Had this game come with maybe 6-8 mini-games, it would have much more replay value. However, the online leaderboards are extremely well implemented, so there is definitely some worth to coming back for more.

Presentation & Graphics


The dreaded Elvis shark.

The dreaded Elvis shark.

The artwork in this game is absolutely ADORABLE. The animation is good as well. From the menus to the fun cutscenes, this game is as polished as it gets.


I love it. Cheery. Cartoony. Perfect.

The games are all quite challenging, but easy to pick up and play. Each game implements a different control style, and each style works perfectly. More importantly, the games are a lot of fun to play. There are great instructions if you’re confused.


I CAN HAZ MOAR GAMEZ PLS!!? Yes yes, this is just a 99 cent game, so I can’t ask for too much, but I can’t deny that it left me wanting more. It would have been great if there was at least a game or two to unlock through completing different levels of survival mode. Still, the games are fun, and the challenges are tough. The online leaderboards will give you reason to come back and play again.

Game Rating


WackyLands does pretty much everything right. It’s actually the fact that the game is so good that hurts it in the end, since you want to keep playing more games, but only have three to choose from. I’m guessing that Fairplay has plans to release future WackyLands games, since this one has been labeled “Green.” But for 99 cents it’s hard to complain with the amount of charm and polish this game has. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed, even if it will leave you wanting more in the end. Go get it!

WackyLands Green – $.99

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    Whoa! 4.5 stars. This has to be good.

  • iPGN-Matt

    It is very good. It’s just too bad there isn’t more to it!

  • Fireblend

    The iPhone is seriously well suited for this kind of casual gaming. Definitely looking forward to the dev’s next game!