Virtual City Review

looks like a tornado ravaged the city!When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the computer game “transport Tycoon.” It was a game in which you built an eonomy by making planes, trains, and automobiles to transport goods from the mill to the factory. When I saw Virtual City, I hoped that it would be similar to this favorite childhood game, and while it is similar, it’s nowhere near perfect.

Virtual City places you as an independent contractor who is hired to fix various towns and their ruined economies. you have a truck depot and build transports, busses, and garbage trucks to build it up to where it needs to be. You have a few resources to manage: money is used to buy and upgrade trucks and buildings, population is needed to run the businesses and drive the trucks, and economy must be maintained if you want to have a happy community.

As you build more trucks, your environment goes down thanks to the polution generated by driving, so you have a couple options: upgrade the vehicles and buildings to produce less polution, or you could build various objects to better your environment such as parks or fountains.ah, just what any ravaged city needs... a hot air balloon!

It is pretty easy to navigate through, and not that hard to learn, however it does have it’s fair share of problems. tapping to select the correct object can be a bit finicky, as if trucks are moving you have to tap it at the right time or it won’t register. also the camera could use a bit of help as it snaps to what you tap rather then let you keep the frame where you want it.

Overall, Virtual City is fun, but not without it’s faults. If you like economy games, you will enjoy Virtual City, however it will get boring for some players rather quickly, due to it’s simplistic style.


Virtual City – $2.99

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