Virtua Fighter 2 – review

SEGA’s Genesis ports continue, but this is more virtual insanity than virtual fighting…

They are tricky games to review, these SEGA Genesis (Megadrive) games, as essentially they are direct emulations of the original rom, running within an iOS wrapper. Controls are mapped to an overlay over the action, with the multi-directional d-pad on the left, and the three A,B an C buttons on the right side of the screen. You can opt to play in full screen, which is the default setup, or shrink the screen to about one third of the size, allowing forĀ  less of the play screen to be taken up by your thumbs. Whichever game you play in this series, the setup is exactly the same, so it’s all about how well the iOS system runs those particularly roms that will dictate how successful each game plays.

mzlglpebteu320x480-75For the most part the control setup works ok, but really it’s not ideal. Feeling more tacked on than actually designed to make the most of he system it’s played on. You’ll find that your actions will not always be faithfully interpreted, which will result in more than one failed bout of fighting. So if you are really serious about revisiting the Genesis back catalogue, then your best bet is purchasing the originals.

Which brings me onto the game itself. Unfortunately, for those hoping for a 3D fighter like the famous arcade original – considered as the first true 3D polygon-based fighter – you’ll be disappointed. What’s doubly disappointing is that SEGA could have released the 32X version of this game, which is 3D (the 32X was an add-on to the Genesis that added 3D capability). Instead what you get is virtua in all but name, with ugly 2D representations of the characters, which kinda defeats the point. This 2D version of the game was obviously a cash in on the series name, and suffers as a result.

mzlxvshdbxf320x480-75The characters are all there, including Jeffrey, as are the moves. But, it all comes across as a somewhat mediocre fighting experience, with just a standard arcade mode to play through consisting of no story, and a bluetooth only Vs mode. You’ll soon bore of it quickly.


Virtua Fighter 2 is out now for $1.99

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