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I am probably not a direct descendant from the Vikings. Even though I hail from Sweden, dress well in headgear and am a hairy man I lack some of the basic characteristics of the Viking. I do not solve problems using violence, I get seasick, and I have never pillaged an English village. Nevertheless I have some kind of mental bond with these horned helmeted hooligans of the past. For some reason some of them have managed to get frozen in ice, or gotten themselves lost on platforms. The task is to get them back on their boat.

img_3721Vikings Slice is a physics puzzler where you slice through ice to guide Vikings to the ship. Controls are all touch based, and you get a dotted line showing a slice before you let your finger go. To get a good result a cut need to be angled, otherwise you simply cut a straight line through the ice. At times I don`t even notice that I have made a cut because of this. To clear a level within par it is important to keep track of the cut counter. Some larger levels demand some panning around, which is done using two fingers on the screen. It is too easy to accidentally make cuts when panning around, but thankfully the retry button enables instant reset of the level.

There are 45 levels in the game, and some are really hard. This is not due to it being hard to understand the solution, but rather hard to execute it. Getting the correct amount of ice to fall on a trampoline is hard because the physics is slightly off. The mass of the ice needed should be enough to propel a small stone from the level, but it barely moves it a bit. The levels are varied, and as they start to include moving obstacles timing becomes just as important as accurate slices. This is the best part of the game, and you can get two to three hours of gameplay out of the levels available. If you get stuck there is no way to skip a level, and sadly many will probably erase the game rather than try to execute the solution needed.

There are no achievements or online leaderboards connected to the game. This is a huge oversight, as it is a standard to have one or even two of the major social networks connected to games.

img_3720Another disappointment is the substandard presentation. All graphics are washed out, and text and menus are fuzzy. It looks like games for iOS did about two years ago, but things change rapidly. The music is tribal drumming, and there are only a couple of sound effects available. You can force the game to play your own music, and after a while you really feel the urge to do that, or turn off the drumming.

Viking Slice is based on a neat idea, and takes the slicing mechanics to a new place. Levels are challenging, but sometimes for the wrong reason. If it is hard to execute a solution because of cruddy physics it is easy to loose interest. The poor presentation, and lack of online functionality hurt it further. Try the lite version to sample the game and developer, but I can`t recommend the full version at $1.99.

Final Rating


Vikings Slice $1.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: Esteban Tleye

Vikings Slice Lite

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  • gwet17

    Looks like the flash title called Icebreaker. Too bad it sucks, though.