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DON’T TOUCH MY EGGS!!! Yeah I bloody mean it, I am truly pissed off at this Robot Seafood Cooperation. The bare thought of their CEO taking a fork to my spawn makes me so infernally angry. I have to defend them with all my might, and huge cannon of course. With the power of a velociraptor and the agility of a spider I am Velocispider.

Velocispider is a modern take on the classic Space Invaders genre. You control Velocispider using the accelerometer. The movement is only from side to side to avoid enemies bouncing about, and bullets spraying. img_0153I would like to have had touch controls as well like a slider or directional arrows. Wielding the iPad in portrait mode is kind of awkward, and the controls are better suited for the iPhone due to weight.  Your spider/dinosaur combo creature fires automatically, but you can charge the weapon by touching and holding anywhere on the screen. The basic weapon is kind of weak, and powerups such as rapid fire and triple fire can be picked up. These last for a limited duration, and then you are back to the puny slow bullets.

Velocispider is an arcade game combining a story with high score chasing. The game is divided into 20 waves, and once you have completed a wave you are free to start at that point later on. For each wave you are awarded depending on health hearts, and eggs left. A maximum of three hearts that enemy attacks take away if you are hit. And a maximum of three eggs that evil skull bots steal are available from the start.

Once in a while you face larger enemies, and even the evil CEO. This is where the game shines, and the old school feel really emerges. Finding weaknesses, dodging bullets and maximizing damage is great fun. When all 20 waves have been completed it is all about getting higher scores, and sharing through Game Center. There are no achievements yet, which is a bit of a letdown. Overall the game life of the game is short unless you have some friends you want to beat.

img_0165The presentation in Velocispider is cool pixel art with a lot of charm. The colour palette is bright, and warm. The music is also retrotastic chiptune stuff, but I would like a bit more variation as there are only a few tracks looping. You can listen to your own music, and keep the sound effects as well. Overall the presentation is sleek and polished.

Velocispider is a fresh take on the old school arcade games. Funfilled action with great looking pixel art. The game might be short, and somewhat shallow. The lack of alternative controls to the accelerometer is also a drawback. In the end it is still really easy to recommend Velocispider, as it is a blast to play.

Final Rating


Velocispider $0.99 Universal.
Version: 1.0
Seller: Retro Dreamer

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