Vector Wars review

“Vector Wars is strategy game where you command vector units to take control of all of the spawns.” This is all the information you get on the App Store page for Vector Wars. Sadly it is about as interesting as the game once you start playing it.

Basically Vector Wars is Galcon but with set paths you can send your vector units down. Just tap one of the spawns to select it, and tap another to attack if the enemy occupies it or refill your own troops if you already control it.

img_0416The spawn points generate more vector units with time, and depending on the number of vector units in a spawn points their movement speed changes. This mean that often it is good to amass a whole heap of vector units in one spawn point to be able to strike harder at the enemy.

When you start one of the 11 maps you and the enemy have one spawn point each. The available spawn points have to be captured as well, and who is winning a map is often determined in the first 10 seconds. Depending on if you manage to capture one spawn point more than the enemy or not. Once all spawn points are captured it becomes a matter of wearing the enemy down. Not much strategy involved at all. The map is won when you control all of the spawn points.

All maps play the same with just a variation in layout and number of spawn points. It is a tedious game, and as there is no pause button or other way to restart the map than getting game over I often find myself pressing my own pause button (home).

img_0417The graphics is really simple, and not in a good way. No graphical effects when you conquer a spawn point. It all feels stale and uninspired. There is no sound either, no music and not even sound effects.

There are three levels of difficulty, and local high scores available in the game. Why anyone would spend time replaying Vector Wars I don’t know.

Vector Wars is not a finished product at all, and charging $0.99 for a beta/demo is not ok. I can’t recommend Vector Wars at all. No sound, boring graphics, no pause/restart functionality and boring one-dimensional gameplay.


Vector Wars $0.99 Sale price

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    fair review..

  • Dan

    It’s so bad I want to try it.