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Hardcore barricade defence all done in a retro vector styled package is what you get with Vector Conflict: The Siege. You are in charge of defending in four directions using the weaponry of the SOTER bunker. Wave after wave of drones are attacking intent on killing the last survivors. With your quick decisions, precise aiming, and strategic upgrades you might just make it.

Vector Conflict is controlled by touch. To attack oncoming drones you tap them to fire the weapons. You have to be quick in deciding what to attack first, as some drones are suicide bombers and others slow moving tanks. Flying attackers that emerge behind you after successful attacks are also a pain in the neck. To help you out you also have nukes, and EMP charges. Nukes nuke, and EMPs freeze movement for a little while. The hardest thing about Vector Conflict is the fact that you have to protect in four directions. Swiping left or right lets you move between the four directions. You can also slide down to do a 180% turn. Deciding which threat from which side to take first is really hard, and this is where the challenge comes in. Some enemies don`t show up on the radar, and you have to pan around to find them.

img_3543Tapping an enemy to attack works really well. To send a rocket you double tap on the target. Between levels you get to upgrade your turret with better firepower for the main gun, more rockets, EMP charges or nukes. You can also focus on harvesting more money for your kills, or on upgrading shields and health. The balance of upgrades determines your chance of success. It is quite seldom that upgrades play such huge part in the outcome of a game. If/when your game ends you will be able to try other upgrades, as you get reset back to the end of the previous wave.

img_3544The presentation in Vector Conflict is retro vector graphics as the name implies. It is kind of dark, and hard to spot dark blue enemies. This is part of the challenge though, and at times you have to rely a lot on the radar. The music is brooding sci fi soundtrack in the vein of soundtracks for movies like Terminator and Resident Evil. I like it, I like it a lot. You can play your own music as well, and keep the good sound effects.

There are two different game modes: campaign, and onslaught. Both modes play like survival modes in the end, and you are in it to attain the highest possible scores. Fast, and intense on the verge of the impossible is the pace set. Leaderboards and achievements are available through Game Center.

img_3541Vector Conflict is a fun, challenging barricade defence game. It is really hard, and to some this might make it more appealing, and to others less. The fact that choice of upgrades truly matter is excellent in giving me that extra motivation to try again with a new setup. The game is recommended to anyone into action games.

Final Rating


Vector Conflict: The Siege $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller:Littlegrey Media

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