Valet Hero iPad Review

If a game copies another game, is that necessarily a bad thing? I tend to think not, if they improve upon the original idea. Valet Hero LE definitely copies a certain game that involves you drawing lines and leading vehicles to a certain location. The question is, does it just copy it, or does it take the original idea and expand it.

The goal of the game is safely guide all of the incoming cars to their parking spaces. The cars, of course are driven by suicidal maniacs, who, if left to their own devices, will drive straight into the first object they see. Each of the cars is a different color, and your goal is to guide them to the parking spot that matches their color. Different color cars also drive different speeds, so it’s incredibly important that you manage the routes of the cars knowing that some will drive much faster than others. Adding even another layer of challenge is the rating system. You will be scored based on how straight the cars are parked, so simply completing the level is not enough, because if your score is not high enough you will not unlock the next stage.

In total there are 5 stages in the game, each with 3 difficulty levels and a marathon mode. It could use a few more levels, I think 10 stages would be perfect, but with the different difficulty levels there is a decent amount of game play.

mzlehrybcnq480x480-75Speaking of difficulty, the game gets insanely hard when you get to the highest difficulty, and it is very rewarding to beat a high difficulty level. You really need to focus on managing the paths and speed of the cars in the high levels, and one mistake will cause you to fail.

The game looks good for the type of game that it is. There are no crazy 3d visuals or anything like that; just a simple top down view, with a nice clean art style. The menus are clean and easy to navigate, and they look good.

The sound is passable in Valet Hero LE. The music is decent, but the sound effects are kind of repetitive. The sounds when you successfully park, as well as when you crash get pretty old after you spend a lot of time with game.

Overall, Valet Hero LE is a pretty solid game in the draw a path genre. (aka the Flight Control genre.) It takes a basic concept and expands upon it by adding new layers of depth. It could use a few more levels, and a little more sound variety. That said, if you really like this type of game, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Final Rating


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