Vaja Nuova Pelle iPhone 5 case review

Welcome back my old friend from Argentine.

Vaja is an old acquaintance of mine that became an obsession after viewing countless reviews at This Argentine leather case company has been making exclusive cases for years, and with time it has grown. Nowadays it is easier to find a Vaja case in most parts of the world, albeit be it at select high-end retailers.

It has been a couple of years since I last reviewed a Vaja case, but to my enjoyment they have kept the colourful packaging I remember so well. After opening the box a protective pouch is revealed. This is a great sign that there is something special inside. This pouch protects the leather, and keeps it in great condition.

The Nuova Pelle is one of the slimmest cases I have seen. Basically it is a piece of leather that protects the back, and front of the phone. Inside the back there is a large piece of adhesive that you adhere to the phone. This simple design means that there is no need for bulky construction to hold onto the phone. The front is held in place by magnets sewn into the leather. This is brilliant, as it effectively holds the front flap in place protecting the screen even if you place it in a pocket.

For protection this is focused on the area most prone to damage: the screen. More than a lip of leather does not protect the sides, bottom, and top. Dropping the iPhone 5 using the Nuova Pelle is a test I won’t even try. If you are looking for a more complete solution for protection you are better off looking elsewhere. Instead this is a slim low-profile case that keeps the sleek lines of the iPhone 5 visible. This is perhaps the best aspect of the case, as it showcases the great design.

The quality of the leather is impeccable, as is the workmanship. This is something Vaja is know for, and it comes to little surprise to me. The adhesive solution can make it feel like an expendable case, but it is supposed to be reused without loosing grip. I have not been able to test it long-term, or how the adhesive is affected by heat in the sun. Removing it from the phone is easy, and did not leave any residue.

The Nuova Pelle is a sleek case that perfectly matches the profile of the iPhone 5. This is perfect for those looking for a minimal protection solution that covers the screen. It is less ideal for those who want to use different cases on a regular basis, as even a reusable adhesive will become less sticky.

Final Rating


Nuova Pelle at $80

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