Vaja Agenda LP Galaxy S4 case review

The Agenda LP showcases luxurious design that is kept smart as well.

Vaja creates some really beautiful cases using quality leather, and the Agenda LP is no exception. The most common design from Vaja is the full case with a front flap extending from the left side. The difference between the Agenda, and Agenda LP is the use of two colours and a stripe on the front found on the LP. If you are ready to spend a lot of cash on your Vaja case you get a much cooler look with the LP.

The front flap extends from the left, and is integrated in the back piece. When closed a small leather band with a magnet inside goes over the power button of the S4. It is seamless to open, and close the case. This might even be the best solution I have seen for closing a leather case.

For protection the Agenda LP has the entire back, sides and front covered when closed. The only vulnerable spots are the top, and bottom that are only protected by the edges of the front and back. The leather is sturdy, and can take quite a lot of abuse. The soft lining covered in vaja branding doesn’t leave any marks, or smudges on the screen. The materials used, and workmanship used to put them together are all top-notch.

Cool details are the metal grill covering the speaker on the back, a small metal plate at the lower back with the Vaja logotype, and the logotype found in metal on the front. This is a gorgeous case, and at times it feels like it outshines the device inside.

Using a case with a side mounted front flap takes some getting used to, as you have to fold the flap behind the case to play games in landscape with success. With the Agenda LP this is not that hard to get used to, as you can actually use it quite well even with the flap dangling at the side.

All buttons, and functions of the device is kept easy to access and use when the case is open. Sure you have to hold the flap when you use the camera. When closed you only have access to the top, and bottom. There is no way to access the power, or volume buttons when closed. There is no sleep/wake magnet that some might miss.

The Agenda LP is a great design manufactured using premium materials. It can easily be used as a daily driver, but it really shines as a show-off piece.


Final Rating


Agenda LP at $100

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