Urbanista London 3.0 earphones review

Urbanista keeps travelling the world through sound, and this time they have chosen Nigel´s cosy hometown as inspiration.

The London 3.0 is aiming at the mid-to premium range spectrum of the in-ear market while retaining a reasonable price. The design is contemporary combining metal, and plastic materials. The iPhone 5, and HTC One are the two smartphones currently leading the way in design, and choice of materials and Urbanista has chosen a good path to go down.

The London 3.0 are a quite ordinary design in the in-ear headphones segment. What sets it apart is the accentuated back place in aluminium with the Urbanista logotype clearly visible. The bold use of colours is also quite cool with vivid pink, green and red available alongside the more standard black and white.


The sound quality is great, and the London 3.0 provides a quite deep bass. At times it can be overpowering bordering on Beats by Dr Dre, but without the same warm depth. Still this is a set of earphones that works well with most music, and spoken audio. By no means near what an audiophile would enjoy, but for everyday use at work or on the commute they get the job done.

The ear tips are comfortable, and I found myself able to get a proper seal in the ear canal with several sizes. Once set they keep still for most movements, and can be used when jogging or exercising. The noise isolation is also great providing a wall against ambient noise.

The flat cord is not prone to tangle, and it seems really durable. The London 3.0 also comes with a single button microphone that works well. I would have preferred a three button setup, but Urbanista seems to aimed at a broader audience that doesn’t get full use out of the extra buttons.

I really enjoy the London 3.0 both from a user experience, and the look and feel. Using them while commuting I have had a great time listening to music, and podcasts without them being obliterated by the noise of traffic. The contemporary design using aluminium accents make them look more expensive than they are. Overall these are some solid earphones at a reasonable price.

Final Rating


London 3.0 at €45

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