Urbanista Copenhagen 2.0 headphones review

Keeps upping their game, and bringing more well-sounding goodness to the world.

Swedish Urbanista keeps upping their game bringing a more premium look and feel to their catalogue. Having established the brand with mid-range earphones at an affordable price the time has come to broaden the catalogue. First out was the London 3.0, and now we get the Copenhagen 2.0.

I really enjoyed the first version of the Copenhagen, and the 2.0 version brings some more refinements. First of all the headband has changed into a solid piece clad in leather. This is extremely comfortable, and gives the headphones a more premium look and feel. As it is solid it is not collapsible. This is a bit of a bummer, as these aren’t as portable as the first version. The lack of a travel case for the headphones means that it isn’t that easy to pack when travelling. On the upside though is the fact that these are lightweight, and durable. There isn’t any unnecessary hinges, or vulnerabilities to the design.

I have to mention the comfortable fit yet again, as it is a true highlight of the Copenhagen 2.0. When it comes to on-ear headphones these rival the Sennheiser PX-200 and AIAIAI Tracks in comfort beating for example the B&W P3 and Bose OE2. I can wear these for hours without any discomfort beyond the fact that the ear pads can get a bit warm when hot outside.
The sound quality is great giving most sound sources depth, and punch. As with all Urbanista headphones the bass is enhanced, but it is never too much. Playing James Blake “Limit to your love” works really well, and gives me chills as always. The sound has quite a range, and instruments are separated well. No muffling, or issues with distortion on higher volumes either.

The tangle free flat cord is great not giving any unwanted noise. One thing that I keep mentioning in my reviews of Urbanista headphones is the lack of a three-button microphone. This is sadly true to the Copenhagen 2.0 as well. The one-button microphone works well though for calls. Play/pause also works on my iOS devices, but not on my Macbook Air.

I really enjoy the Copenhagen 2.0, and could easily see this as a daily companion for listening to music and watching videos. It looks and sounds great, and is easy to recommend. That is if you don’t need to travel with them, or a three-button microphone setup. I can’t wait to see how Urbanista develops more headphones at the higher end of the spectrum.

Final Rating


Available late October 2013.

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