Unleashed is back! – Episode 17

After a one week break, involving Matt and a certain large mouse. We are back!

In this 17th episode, we talk Cooking Mama, Puzzlequest part 2, and Metal Gear Solid Touch in the news. We go through what we’ve been playing this week, including Watts Shockin, iDracula, Ancient Frog, Toki Tori, Zenbound, Light Riders, Sway and many more. In the topic of the week we discuss which EA game IP’s we’d like to see on iPhone. Plus our regular top 5′s in the UK and US AppStores… and a quick run through a few iPhone Apps you never new existed.

Download the file direct to your computer here. Alternatively click here to visit our podcast page on iTunes to download it, or here to subscribe directly. You can also listen to it live in your browser at Furious Gamer Radio.

Don’t forget to check out the poll on the homepage and vote for your favourite EA game.

Here is a list of all game covered in this podcast.

Cooking Mama
Puzzle Quest 2
Metal Gear Solid
Mysterious Island 2
Yard Sale
Watts Shockin
3 Card Pro
Ancient Frog
Toki Tori
Little Red Sled
Heavy Machine
Aqua Moto
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  • MikeyBoy

    I will be giving this a listen right away! love your podcasts :)

  • Legend.inc

    Yes! Finally a podcast!

  • Legend.inc

    Great podcast guys!! By the way u guys mentioned light bike I kinda like the old one better. Maybe it’s cause I’m really good at it. Also there’s been an update on it which made it better. You can now choose the colour of your bikes! You also talked about idracula. I reckon that the five star rating on the review was wrong. I bought it as soon as I saw the rating but after buying I felt that it was more like a 3 star game. The only game I think deserves five stars is zen bound.

  • iPGN-Nige

    Thanks Legend. There’s no right and wrong in reviewing games, it always comes down to personal opinion. In any case we gave iDracula a 4.5 not a 5.

  • Legend.inc

    i stand corrected.