UltraDeep – Review

UltraDeep is a dropping game with some added stuff. Is it fun? Read on to find out.

Dropping games have become pretty popular as of lately on the iPhone. It is pretty much just tilting the iPhone from side to side, evading being splashed by the upper part of the screen. UltraDeep is this kind of game but adds a little something to it.

ultradeep1First of all the graphics are pretty simply but good enough. You will be playing as a stickman, and the obstacles are simple blue squares as if there were drawn on a notebook. There are spikes along the way, that if you hit them you will die. The fun part of the game though is picking up diamonds as you go along. This diamonds will fill up your power bar and once you have filled it up at least once you can use this super power. What it does is that you will go down pretty quickly while being on fire. This will destroy everything that is on its way and its duration will depend on how much of the bar you had filled up before you used it. Of course, filling it more than once lets you use it for longer periods of time but you can only fill it twice at the beginning. If you want to be able to fill it more you will need to buy upgrades, and you can do this with the diamonds you have picked up on your previous runs.

The upgrades were actually a little bit of a downgrade on the game, no pun intended. It was really hard to gather enough diamonds in order to buy an upgrade, which made it a little bit frustrating. You had to play more than 10-15 times in order to gather enough diamonds to buy an upgrade. And that is, 10-15 GOOD games. Of course, this is done so you have more replay ability time but it was definitely a little bit annoying in my opinion.

Other upgrades also include items that you can pick up during the course of a game. Like a diamond absorber, this obviously absorbs all the diamonds that you cross paths with. There is also a diamond multiplier and so on and so forth. That definitely added some fun to the game, at least once you managed to upgrade and then later on once you managed to grab them.

ultradeep2There are also some pretty cool additions and originalities, like the change of scenarios and different details the farther you go down. On the third level of depth for example, you will be receiving balls of fire that will be shot from down below. This makes it extremely hard since you have to evade that, plus the blocks, plus the spikes, plus not being splashed. Don’t know about you, but that is a lot of “plus” to worry about.

The game is pretty fun. It is a very simple game but I can assure you it is very hard to master. It will take you some time and practice to even make it to the second level. This is the kind of game though, that you can just pop out and play for a little bit while waiting in line. It is also very fun when you are with a friend; trying to beat each other’s score will prove to be a hard and entertaining task.


And here is the official trailer:

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