Uggles review

Uggles is a game about juggling furry animals. Uggles are ball shaped creatures brimming with cuteness. You control a large red Uggle who for some unknown reason has to juggle his little friends. The Uggle you control also has legs and long arms which the smaller ones lack.

img_0252There are three difficulties determining the number of Uggles to juggle, ranging from one on easy to three on hard. You control the arms of the big red Uggle and you have to catch the small Uggles before they hit the ground. Tilt controls are smooth but also harder to use than touch controls. When using touch controls you can only move the arms to three set positions while the tilt controls are free. With tilt it takes more skill and time to position the arms correctly. I prefer the touch controls even though I have had some trouble with the control arrows being a bit too small. I also found them unresponsive, and would have liked to have the entire right side of the screen to control movement to the right instead of just a small arrow. It gets really hectic quickly, and it is really hard keeping up the pace. At times it also feels like the game has faulty collision detection when I miss. I think my brain and my fingers are quick enough to play this game but the controls themselves feel slow.

img_0267Uggles is a cute game with colourful graphics. You can change the backgrounds to suit your mood which I find to be a neat feature. The presentation is really good in Uggles with one of the best user interfaces I have seen in an iPhone game.

Collecting is a big selling point of Uggles. The more Uggles you juggle the more new Uggles you unlock. I am not fitting the profile for an unlocking gamer, but I have seen a lot of activity on forums about Uggles and the unlockables found in the game. The game only has local high scores in the version I reviewed(1.3).

img_0265Menu music and sound effects are all happy and suit the game perfectly. Even the sound of choosing something at menus sounds happy. After just a couple of minutes of juggling I get annoyed at the sound effects of Uggles bouncing. This is a game for quick sessions but nevertheless I think those sound effects should be toned down a notch.

Presentation & Graphics


Cute Uggles, nice backgrounds and terrific user interface.



Happy music and sound effects. Somewhat grating sound effects while playing. No own music allowed.



There is no chance to play this game using tilt controls, it gets too hectic. Touch controls work better but the buttons are too small when the speed picks up. There is no variation to the gameplay but in short bursts juggling can be fun.



Unlockable Uggles, nothing more to keep your interest.

Game Rating


I feel hesitant to recommend Uggles because of controls not fully coping with the hectic gameplay, and limited replay value. On the other hand, a buck is a small price to pay if you are into unlocking stuff and sharing experiences on forums.

Uggles $0.99

Uggles Lite

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Doesnt look all that good