UAG Protective Case Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Now this is what I didn’t know I was yearning for.

Some cases make such a huge statement that you can’t but be impressed. The UAG Protective Case makes a clear bold statement: don’t mess around, cause I am rugged and not afraid to take a beating. Actually it might even be intimidating enough that if you feel threatened on the subway it might deter muggers.

It is made from a soft, but rigid silicone covering the sides, top and bottom.  A hard polycarbonate shell is moulded tightly into it covering the back. Despite being made from different materials the case feels rigid, and like it is a one-piece construction. To insert the S4 into it you simply push it in from the top.

All functions, ports and buttons are fully usable. The cut-outs are well-designed, and there is even extra room for the charging cable if you use a third party charger. The buttons are covered in silicone, but remain as responsive as a naked device.

The grip is greatly improved using the UAG due to the silicone around the screen, and on the bottom. Even the polycarbonate is grippy with a matte finish. I haven’t lost my grip going full pelt on my bike to work when needing to check my messages.

For protection it offers excellent impact, and scratch protection. There is still surprisingly little bulk added, and it is camouflaged in a cool design on the back. The screen is protected well by the silicone edges extending around it. A great quality screen protection film is also included. Whether it really makes such a difference to other screen protectors might be questioned, but it is really durable and easy to apply.

Few cases have impressed me this much straight out of the box, but once the S4 got the UAG on it hasn’t come off once. It is that good, and feels like a natural match. It certainly gives the almost flimsy S4 the guts, and brawn of a true powerhouse. The great grip, protection and look make it a winner in my books.

Final Rating


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