UAG Protective Case for iPhone 5S/5 review

A case that turns your iPhone 5/5S truly badass!

I absolutely loved the Urban Armor UAG protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and gave it a whopping five stars. When time came to start testing cases for the iPhone 5S the UAG made it to the top of my list. And here I am after a week of heavy duty testing.

The UAG is a hybrid case made from an impeccable combination of hard TPU, and soft rubberized silicone. Had it been made in a single colour only the difference in touch between the materials would signal that it wasn’t made in one solid piece. The hard TPU covers the back, and sides and the silicone cover the bottom, edges around the screen and interior of the case.

For protection the UAG is in the same league as the OtterBox Commuter with only the Defender and Lifeproof cases offering more. The entire iPhone is covered with the included screen protector to seal the deal. Volume controls, and on/off button are covered in silicone that is responsive and really nice to the touch. There are some areas that are open such as the bottom giving access to the headphone socket, charging socket and speaker grills. The mute switch is also open with enough space around it to be easy to operate.

Grip is greatly improved due to the friction added from the silicone. On the back small nubbins are added in the corners to prevent the phone gliding off tables for example. Holding, and operating the iPhone 5S with the fingerprint sensor is really easy as well.

The design is definitely edgy, and quite masculine giving off a tough vibe without becoming vulgar or childish. The only downside is that it does add some bulk. This is also due to the extra room in the back where you can place a credit card. Personally I would not use that space for storage, but if you want to travel really light out hiking with only a card it might be a great feature.

Urban Armor has definitely managed to create a winner with the UAG, and it is just as awesome for the iPhone 5/5S as for the Galaxy S4. A total, and utter recommendation from me.

Final Rating


UAG Protective Case for iPhone 5S/5 at $40.49

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