Twin Blades Review

Beauty is only skin deep in this great looking but ultimately shallow hack’n'slasher from Press Start Studios and BulkyPix…
You play as a manga style axe wielding heroine, with a penchant for zombie hearts. Controlled via a virtual analogue stick for run and jump, and two action buttons for swiping your axe and the other for activating your secondary weapon, your mission is simple, charge through level after level of zombie filled villages and towns, dispatching them by any means. You’ll need to collect their hearts along the way to use as currency for upgrading or expanding your secondary weapon collection. You start out with your trusty axe and a pistol. Your axe is unlimited but your secondary weapon will run out of ammo. Luckily for you at the end of each third level you can visit the shop. You can upgrade your weapons, or buy new ones. Each costing a little more and offering more firepower. There’s a machine gun, flame thrower, ice blaster, ray gun and bomb.

tb2The game oozes style through it’s graphics, which are presented in a hand drawn manga style. The main character animates well, as do the zombies. Blood and limbs go flying as you slice them with your axe, or they comically turn to ash when engulfed in flames from you flame thrower, break up into blocks of ice and shatter with your ice beam, or collapse into dust with your laser beam. The locales look great too, whether you are in the market or the graveyard, the detail of the foreground and background elements look great in a parallax scrolling effect. Unfortunately, those are the only variations in location, re-cycling every three levels.

Overall the solid control scheme and great graphics don’t hide the fact that once you have unlocked all the weapons and slain countless numbers of the same old zombies, you will lose interest after an hour or so. Let’s hope that a Twin Blades 2 is on it’s way and is more fleshed out (no pun intended!), with more enemy types and bosses, across more more varied locales.

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  • Marcel

    Yeah in a cruel world beauty is only skin deep I guess.