True Skate first look

A look at the art-style from True Skate, a realistic skating game from True Axis…

Back at E3 2010 we got hands-on with True Axis’s Space Tripper and talked Jet Car Stunts 2. We were also shown somewhat of a tech demo of a skating game that, at the time, had a Jet Car Stunts meets Touchgrind feel to it. Well, almost two years later True Axis have shared with us an update to its progress, with some shots of the new art-style (one of which is exclusive to TouchGen).

The look has changed, and as you can see from the above screens, it looks gorgeous. It’s important to note that these are renders and not in-game shots running on an iPad 2. However, I’ve been told that the in-game graphics are very close to this.

One of the reasons for the game being in development for so long was to find the right artist to match True Axis’s vision. It looks like it was worth the wait!

Look out for more info soon, including a trailer.

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