Trucker’s Delight – quick review

Honk honk!! That’s all you hear as a bright red convertible speeds past you while you wait to cross the street. Suddenly, a big truck comes over the hill, bumping the back of the convertible, a perverted driver inside the truck. That’s basically the whole game of Trucker’s Delight.

Ultimate goal? get the girl! You are this perverted truck driver trying to catch a girl in a red convertible. The game was based off a hit YouTube video and made a reality by Mobigame, creators of widely acclaimed hit, Mobigame’s Edge. The game has accelerometer controls and they are highly polished, as are the graphics. The pixel art is pure poetry. Shading, dithering, shaping, it’s all there. There’s also a big horn that you can pull. It’s a useless noise maker, but it’s nice to have. The game ends when you can’t reach the next checkpoint. Rack up points by hitting the girl’s car; multiple hits in a row score you combos. Hitting other cars, especially head-on, costs you serious time, and by the end of the game, one hit will cost you the game.

795788_4The game is not one that I see myself coming back to often, but definitely once in a while. It loses its initial thrill pretty fast, after roughly five plays, but you’ll see yourself returning to it about once or twice a week. Don’t let this convince you to steer clear of the game though, it’s just a minor flaw. There are global leaderboards, though no official ones such as OF and Plus+.

Despite the menu music being limited, the in game music is very good, sporting a fiunky house track… and SFX in general is just as impressive.

The game’s art is fantastic and a highlight of the game, as are the simple accelerometer controls. It’s not a highly replayable game, but I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a quick arcade style fix, especially casual racing fans. The title is “Trucker’s Delight, Episode 1”, so hopefully there will be more to come.


Truckers Delight is out now for $0.99. Get it on Truckers Delight: Episode 1

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