Trixel Quick Review

Trixel is an interesting interesting new take on puzzle games. Yes, that’s right, I, Dave LeClair, just said a puzzle game was interesting. It’s one of those games that are very hard to describe in text, you really need to play it.

That being said I will attempt to describe how the game plays the best that I can. Basically there is a grid of pieces and you have to move your cursor over them to flip them over and change their color. On the top of the screen there is the goal, which is the how what you want the board to look. Meaning, the color the piece should be in that particular part of the grid. You can only more your cursor one adjacent space at a time, and unless you are on the powerup that allows you to move in any direction, you can only more left/right and up/down. There are a number of powerups on the board such as teleports, that will jump you to a piece on the other side of the board.

Overall, it’s a very fun puzzle game that is mentally challenging, but relaxing at the same time.

Presentation & Graphics
Very nice visuals and art. The menu’s are nice and easy to navigate, and is very easy to choose a level to play, as they are grouped by difficulty.

The sound is good without being annoying or intrusive. The game features nice sound effects when you flip pieces over that are present on the ears.

A very basic concept of simply flipping pieces over, but difficult to do it in the proper number of moves to beat the level.

There are a ton of levels in the game, and each one takes a lot of thought, so Trixel will keep you coming back to it for a very long time, and will exhaust your brain in the process. 3 different tiers of scores will keep you coming back to levels trying to get all gold ratings.

Game Rating

A very interesting and well polished puzzle game. It will fry your brain and really make you think analytically.

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  • Alex

    i disadree that it is worth plaing…

  • Daniel Boutros

    Glad you liked it mate.

    Also to the guy with bad grammar above this comment, it’s a ‘brain’ game, so it’s probably not your cup of tea…