Trivial Pursuit Review

EA is opening the floodgates on quality games right now. They launch Trivial Pursuit on the app store, and immediately after launch Tiger Woods. I love to see a company bringing high quality games to the iPhone and EA is just doing just that.

Trivial Pursuit is a trivia game, as the name might imply. It’s a classic board game that’s been available for approximate a billion years, and it has been adopted to video games before. The idea of the game is score “wedges” for the 6 different categories of questions. This is done by answering questions right on certain spaces on the board. You have to get the right dice rolls to land on the wedge spaces and collect wedges before your opponent does. When you get a question right you get to go again, so conceivable, you could go all the way until you win and never let your opponent go. If you have ever played the board game, this plays exactly like that.

That is only one mode in the game, and in my opinion it is the other mode, Pursuit mode, where the game really shines. The idea here is to get your little piece from one side of the board to other by answering questions as fast as possible. The faster you get the answer right, the more spaces you move. So if you answer within a second or 2, you get to move a full 6 spaces. There are also little power-ups on the board that will help you along to way, such as +2 to whatever your move is, category choice, and jump to a different part of the level. Where this mode really impresses me is the way it scales the levels to whatever types of questions you are good and bad at. For example, I killed the sports questions, so when I got to later levels, all the sports questions were on the outside of the path, and the Arts and Literature (which I did horrible on) were right in the middle. Basically this means the quickest path, is also the hardest.

There are a bunch of levels in Pursuit mode, and you are graded based on the number of questions it took you get to the goal. The replay value comes going back and trying to improve your rating on the levels you already completed. Can you get all golds? I doubt it. Does the game get all golds? Hold tight and lets get onto….

The Good

tp_iphone_screen_4There’s a lot of good here, in terms of trivia games, I have yet to see one come close to bringing what Trivial Pursuit does. The graphics look solid and presentation is great. The menus are intuitive and easy to navigate. The colors are bright and pleasant on the eyes, and the game is just generally enjoyable to look at. The sound is also top notch, the music is pleasant in the background without dominating the experience and being intrusive. The game sounds are very good too, the dice sounds and pieces moving around the board sound good as well.

The gameplay it self is a ton of fun. If answering questions is your thing, then Trivial Pursuit is the game to get on the app store. Having the normal mode and pursuit mode makes the game have a lot more variety and worth coming back to time and time and time again.

All the time I spent with game, I never saw a question repeated. That’s a key factor in a trivia game. If the game doesn’t have enough questions, it will get boring quickly. With the app store it should also be very easy for them update the game and add more questions in later.

The also includes wifi multiplayer, so if you are connected to Wifi then that’s a good thing but if you aren’t, then that leads me right into…

The Bad

Wifi multiplayer, for me, is pretty much a waste, as I usually game on the go with my iPhone, and most of the places I play do not have wifi, so it would be great to see some over the network play. In a game like Trivial Pursuit, which is designed to be played with other people, it would be great to be able to do so no matter where I am. Still this is a small gripe since the single player is so good.

For me personally, once I beat the pursuit mode, I felt no desire to go back and redo it to up my scores, but I’m not a completest either, and if you are I could see you going back and trying to get golds on every level. For me though, I spent about 2 hours on the Pursuit mode, and I was done, and I don’t plan to go back to it. I would have liked to have seen it be a little bit longer for those of us who just wanted to beat it and not go back to try to get perfect scores.

The bottom line

If you like trivia games, buy Trivial Pursuit. Really, if you like games at all, go buy Trivial Pursuit.

Presentation & Graphics
Very nice looking art and graphics. The presentation is also spot on. The menus are easy to navigate and look great.

The sound is very good, the music is plesent, the sound effects are nice, and it’s just a treat to listen to.

This game is just good old fashioned fun. I had a blast playing it. Even after this review, I still plan on going back and playing some more.

A very good amount of game play here, and if you are a completist, going back and playing through Pursuit mode over and over to get all golds will keep you busy for a long time. Wifi Multiplayer extends the life, but only if you are in an area with wifi.

Game Rating

Amazing trivia game, a true must buy.

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  • Dom Feeney

    I really like the idea of this but heard that some of the questions are a little on the easy side.

    I remember playing trivial pursuit with my rents at family get togethers of old and the questions were pretty tough. I felt like a right Dexter upon getting some right. This title simply must keep that level of difficulty to maintain true to my memories

  • Rock $ Rolla

    this will be good


    @ Dom Feeney
    I dont know about that. Maybe you are just too smart. :)

  • Dom Feeney

    @ Legend

    No really I’m not I just don’t want the trivi experience cheapened by easy q’s