Trident Aegis, Cyclops and Kraken A.M.S. iPhone 5S case reviews

These are cases that Jack Sparrow and his mates would use on their journeys. Protection that can travel the world, but if the Kraken swallows them it is game over. Bumps, the odd slash of a sword can be survived, but not water. 

Trident doesn’t mess around, and all three cases up for review are meant to give protection. Ranging from high to maximum in layered hybrid form. All of them has great branding, and a cut-out on the back showcasing the Apple on the back. Sure it collects dirt, but it looks so good. 


Starting with the least protective of the trio the Aegis is still meant to stop most harm. It is made from two layers: one inner silicone layer, and one outer hard polycarbonate. Getting the phone inside it takes some work the first time, but once you learn the procedure it becomes easy.

For protection the Aegis has the entire iPhone 5S covered. The sides are covered in the silicone that can absorb quite a hefty punch. The hard exoskeleton has the back, and some of the sides covered. The silicone also covers some of the front around the home button. I am not a fan of this design, as I want to be able to use TouchId from different angles. Furthermore a lot of dust gets stuck under the silicone, as it isn’t completely flush against the screen. A screen film protector is included to give a 360 degree protection.

There are silicone plugs integrated into the case covering the headphones, charging socket and mute switch. These protects from dust, and grime getting into the phone but not against water. You can still use the phone when out in the rain, as long as it doesn’t rain cats and dogs. The volume controls, and silent button are also covered in silicone. All buttons are still easy to operate.

The grip is enhanced slightly by the silicone on the sides although it isn’t rubberized. I do enjoy the slanted sides on the back giving the case some curves, and making it sleeker to hold. The Aegis is slightly bulky, and when you are already considering getting a high protection case I think Trident has better options. Still a great case that looks cool.

Aegis at $34.95

Final Rating



Next up is the Cyclops that takes protection to the next level. Made from two pieces it definitely looks different. The back piece is a hybrid meshing hard polycarbonate, and shock absorbing TPE. The front piece is a hard plastic frame with an integrated screen film protector.

For protection the Cyclops is in the maximum protection category with the likes of the OtterBox Defender. It can withstand most impacts without breaking a sweat. As long as it holds together it will protect the iPhone, and the only vulnerability is the pieces can disconnect on impact. The front of the phone is covered both by the frame, and the screen shield. There is a rounded cut-out around the home button that can be a bit small for larger thumbs. Still you are able to use TouchId with the Cyclops, which is a great feature.

Integrated plugs for all openings means that dust, dirt and grime won’t enter the case.  

The weird stripes on the side give an unusual feel to the case, and provides a great grip. Alongside the slanted back the Cyclops is a really neat case to use. It does add a hefty amount of bulk, but given the amount of protection it is worth it if you need it.

The Cyclops is a terrific choice for those looking for protection that still allows the use of TouchId. The strange profile might not appeal to everyone, but there is a reason to them being there in the grip they add.

Cyclops at $39.95

Final Rating


Kraken A.M.S.

Finally we have what might be the most protective case available for the iPhone 5/5S: Kraken A.M.S. This is a beast of a case doubling both weight, and bulk of the phone. It does add some nifty features beside the protection aspect such as the integrated stand, and clever redirection of sound from the speaker.

Made from three pieces this is a massive hybrid that you can actually use using only two pieces if you want a sleeker less protective case at times. Actually you even use only the inner silicone layer as a standalone as well. The three pieces are the mentioned inner silicone layer, a front hard polycarbonate frame with integrated shield protector and a solid back plate with integrated stand and rubber plugs.

If used as a complete package this beats the OtterBox Defender when it comes to protection. The three layers can absorb almost anything, and the phone inside will break before the case budges. The frame protects the front, and rounded hard plastic is found beside the home button. There is ample space to use the TouchId, and there is a cut-out in the screen shield to allow this functionality.  

On the back there is an integrated stand that you can fold out when watching videos, or working and need a view of the screen. There is also a detachable belt clip that can be used if you want to carry the phone in your belt, or on a bag. It is sturdy, and easy to attach. The only drawback might be that it is a bit small, and might be lost in a pocket somewhere. 

The Kraken A.M.S. certainly lives up to the name providing beastly protection. The massive bulk might be jarring, but if you have a hazardous job it is a sacrifice worth making.  Without a doubt the most complete protection case available.

Kraken A.M.S. at $49.95

Final Rating


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