TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK is a reskinned version of the two player game Shot Shot Shoot. The gameplay mechanics are exactly the same. You have to destroy enemy triangular crafts while at the same time defend your own. The pace is slightly higher than the predecessor, but still there is a need to be strategic about how you attack.

Is it worth getting TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK if you already own and love Shot Shot Shoot? Yes it is. If you have someone to play against it is definitely worth getting as well. If you didn’t really get into Shot Shot Shoot you will not find the sequel any more appealing. img_0121If you are completely new to the games I think you should choose the one with graphics that appeal the most to you.

I enjoyed the clean minimal presentation of Shot Shot Shoot quite a lot. In TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK the graphics are even more vibrant with cool space backdrops. In the end the quality is the same.

If you are a fan of great electronic music you are in for a treat. The game features a nifty soundtrack by Tribelisk. Eight songs with ethereal vocals, and deep beats.

There are only the 2 player local multiplayer, and two different levels of AI difficulty available. This lack of content hurts the game, and I keep my fingers crossed that future content updates emerge as promised.

TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK is a frantic local multiplayer game that is really fun against a friend, or future foe. img_0122The single player experience is not that good, and basically it is a training mode for the real deal. I give TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK the same grade as Shot Shot Shoot: Single player gets two stars, and multiplayer gets four stars hence a final rating of three stars.

Final Rating


TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK $0.99 Intro sale. iPad only.
Version: 1.0
Seller: Erik Svedang

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  • Martin

    Kinda looks like geometry wars. Some would say it’s over used, but I just can’t help it. Any game with glowing objects and electronic music and I’m there :D


    Would you give this iphone game 5 stars?