Tread of the Dead Review

A zombie game that brings something new and different? Is that even possible?

Tread of the Dead is a zombie puzzle game made by a single person. He made every detail from the art to the gameplay mechanics. The game is a little rough around the edges in some spots, but it brings some interesting gameplay mechanics and is a lot of fun once you get past some of the technical issues.

The core gameplay of Tread of the Dead consists of throwing objects at zombies walking towards you in various patterns. As you progress through the levels, you unlock different weapons to throw at the zombies. For example, the first unlock is a set of ninja stars that split into three when you tap the screen. Using these different weapons the right way is imperative to completing the levels.

There are also boss battles mixed in the game that help liven things up and keep the game feeling fresh. These boss battles can be quite challenging, and it’s satisfying when you figure out the technique for completing them. There are also little mini-games such as driving a truck and running over as many zombies as possible mixed in to add a little variety to the core gameplay mechanics.

There are a total of five modes in the game to keep you busy for a while. Besides the main Adventure mode, there is Arcade mode, where you go against an endless hordes of zombies. You can also play the Infinsaw mode, where you try to keep your combo going as long as possible. To change things up, you can also play Vehicular mode and you can play as a zombie. These modes add a lot of value to the game and extend the game life a great deal.

There are a ton of levels to keep you busy for a long time. They become quite challenging later in the game, so you will certainly have to spend many hours playing to complete the entire game.

The game controls via tilt. You tilt your device to aim the thrown weapon at the hordes of zombies. For the most part they worked well, but I encountered a few instances where they just did not seem to cooperate. Still, these issues were rare enough that it was not game-breaking, just a minor annoyance.

The sound and visuals can be a little off in spots. It seems to be cause by some technical issues with the game, because there are some instances where it looks and sounds really good. The visuals are less of a problem than the sound. It’s not that the sound is annoying or anything like that, it’s just messed up technically in a few spots.

Overall, Tread of the Dead is a good game. It has some issues but it has a lot of potential. In spite of some of the issues, I still think it is well worth taking a look at. There is a ton of gameplay and it is quite fun. WIth an update that fixes some of the issues it could be something special, but as it stands, it is a fun game that is hurt by some problems.

Tread of the Dead is available for $.99 as a Universal App. Get it on the App Store.

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  • slick1111

    I like this game!
    When you buy a fresh new app on the market you take a risk.
    However, this app doesn’t disappoint. I particularly love the pinata chainsaw! It brings a different amount of color. Also, instead of blood you get confetti when you kill the zombies!
    I couldn’t put it down. Nice work. it was worth my 0.99 cents.
    4/5 stars ****

  • snapcracklepop

    I thought the game was pretty awesome. The boss on chapter 2 is kinda hard though. You have to knock out all the zombies before hitting the boss with the saw . . . if you don’t then it takes too long for your guy to regroup and throw another saw. Also, there were a few minor bugs, but they didn’t interfere with the game. Oh and the Infinisaw mode is the most fun in my opinion. I would give this game a total of 4.5 stars.

  • Brendan Hansen

    I agree that it’s hard, but what you have to do is not hit the boss if you miss a zombie on the way down. That way the animation doesn’t play and you can throw another weapon sooner. :-)