Tower Defense®: Lost Earth HD review

Why beat around the bush when you can be blatantly obvious? Com2us does not leave much up to the imagination with their spanking new tower defense game called Tower Defense®: Lost Earth HD. And as tower defense games go it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Instead if polished the formula to an extent not seen before, and adds a nice storyline to the proceedings. What Fieldrunners is for the open map tower defense game, Tower Defense® is for the set path game type. This is a game where strategy matters, and failures to plan are punished quickly.

img_0085The controls are all touch based, and do not differ from the standard formula. Tap a location to bring up a build menu, select an available tower, build. Tap a tower to upgrade or sell it. There are also special powers such as nukes that can be deployed in times of need once charged up. Every aspect a great tower defense game should have is covered. A double speed button is available, but as the game is fairly quick for a tower defense game it is rarely needed.

Towers come in the usual shapes and forms, and you can select which to bring into battle at the map screen. Slow towers, splash damage towers, long distance scout towers and straight line lasers are all here. Enemies are limited to ten different designs, and I would have liked even more variation. Loads of maps with different strategic demands means that you can’t use the same strategy over and over. Some also demand you to clear away obstacles for credits, and more space to build.

img_0095There is a lot of content on offer in Tower Defense®, and it will take even the most hardcore TD gamer about 6-10 hours to beat the 40 missions in story mode. There are also six challenge maps to keep the gamelife going. Scores through Game Center, and online functionality through Twitter and Facebook Connect for all to spread news on progress.

Multiplayer is an aspect that the game lacks completely, and I was hoping for some sort of asynchronous online gaming at least.

Polished sleek presentation with nicely animated enemies, and vibrant maps. The story is told by still images with a bit of text. This could perhaps have been done using movies, but still it manages to set a scene of a bleak war. The music is pompous energetic, but still ambient electronica that suits the game well. Sound effects are well produced, but still get slightly repetitive. Especially the scout towers tend to get on my nerves with their whiny shells. You can play your own music in unison with the sound effects as well.

img_0102Overall Tower Defense®: Lost Earth HD is a great addition to the genre, and if you are already a fan it is a must buy. Alongside the Creeps, GeoDefense Swarm and Sentinel 3 it is at the top of my personal list. For newcomers to the genre I think it could be a good starting point as well. The fact that the HD version is universal is also a big plus in my book. Tower Defense®: Lost Earth HD doesn’t revolutionise the genre, but instead it shows what the new standard to beat is. And by trade marking the name of the genre Com2us are really putting their asses on the line taunting the opposition.

Final Rating


Tower Defense®: Lost Earth HD $4.99 Universal
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Com2us USA, Inc.

Tower Defense®: Lost Earth $2.99 iPhone version, not Universal

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  • alto

    so, sentinel 3 is better than this, eh?
    i’ll pass then..