TouchGen Unleashed Podcast – Episode 78

In this special 78th episode of the TouchGen unleashed podcast we are joined by none other than the monster reviewer himself, Torbjorn! Along with Matt, Carl, Nacho and Nigel, we discuss OnLive, Infinity Blade 2, Batman Arkham City Lockdown and many more. Plus our highlights of 2011 and our predictions for 2012…

Click here to download the podcast episode on iTunes, or here to subscribe to the podcast directly. If you would prefer to download the mp3 to your desktop, you can do so here!

Games discussed in this episode include:
Infinity Blade 2
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown
Mini Motor Racing
Six guns
Extraction: Project Outbreak
Chrono Trigger
Mino monsters
Atari Breakout
Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

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  • Danny

    You guys seriously need to come out with more podcasts. Your podcasts are better than podcasts from any other iPhone games site. I really enjoy listening to you guys, keep em coming!

  • Nigel Wood

    Thanks Danny

  • MKplayer1start

    I gotta agree with Danny. you guys gotta do more frequent podcasts. I need new stuff to listen to on the way to work in the car!

    The other iOS sites are okay, but they are nowhere near as good as yours.

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Gee golly thanks guys!

  • Pete

    Well done chaps, just to put things in perspective, I’ve been listening since the very beginning, here is my original review on itunes(IRISH):

    A cluster funk of a show, goes on forver, endless childish exchanges and homophobia, sloppy reviews, hours of dead air…why can’t I stop listening.

    How far you have come, keep up to good work!

  • Sako Hamilton

    Nigel is hinting dead space as the game of the year lol he’s so obvious !

  • Luke

    Nice podcast.

    @Matt I have to say, I love Steam and there are work-arounds for playing offline.

    What I’d like to see in 2012:
    Space Miner 2
    Jet Car Stunts 2
    iBlast Moki 3

    I think Dead Space has to win GOTY, but Draw Race 2, iBlast Moki 2, and Anomoly Warzone should all be considered.