TouchGen Unleashed Podcast – Episode 67

In the last TouchGEN unleashed podcast of the year we give our thoughts on influx of games released over the last few weeks…

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Full list of games covered in this episode:

Battlefield 2
N.O.V.A 2
Shadow Guardian
World of Goo
Dungeon Defenders
Dungeon Hunter 2
Tron Legacy
Family Guy Time Warp
Real Racing 2
Asphalt 6
Infinity Blade
Perfect Cell
Puzzle Quest 2
Secret of Mana
Bigby LAPD
Dead Space
Crash Mat Bubble

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  • LBG

    Bulging Sack FTW!!!

    Podcast is downloading as I type :)

  • Austin

    Lol at the intro!! I love Nigels UK baby voice ;)

  • Nacho Andrade, USA

    lol, too bad I couldn’t make this one. Love the image Nige!

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    That Santa picture has ruined Christmas for me. Thanks a lot! (also nice intro)

  • Luke

    Is the NOVA multiplayer better than Modern Combat?

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Depends on your style of play Luke. NOVA’s is faster paced with little time for breath.

  • Luke

    Thank Nigel. I’m more of a COD fan than Unreal Tournament on the console/PC, but I feel like I’m moving at a snails pace in Modern Combat. I guess I’ll have to get NOVA 2 :)

    BTW, I can’t wait for a Dungeon Defenders review. I hear the controls a horrible and ruin the game… I’d like to hear your take.

  • http://Touchgen Nathan Mustafa, USA

    On the iPad, I like it. The review is forthcoming.

  • Austin

    Nathan: “Bigby, stop jumping onnthe pirates”

    Matt Dunn: “Take off your bear suit and put on your jamys’s”

    Nigel: “Jaguer, Jaguer… JAGUAR!!”

    You guys are so funny, seriously, there is no other show that is as racist, funny, anf hilarious ad you!