TouchGen Unleashed Podcast – Episode 59

In this 59th episode of the TouchGEN unleashed podcast we run through 20 new releases in our what we’ve been playing section. As well as discuss Hero of Sparta II, SEGA, EA’s lineup, and Games on sale in the news…

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Full list of games covered in this episode:

Hero of Sparta II
Zombie Infection HD
Madden 11
Recklass Racing
Sim City Deluxe
Sims 3
Trench Run 2.0
Space Harrier II
Battle for Hoth
Rocket Boy 2D
Let’s Create Pottery
Ultraviolet Dawn
Star Dunk
Gravity Block
Rocket Sheep Rampage
CastleVania Puzzle
Let’s Golf 2 – iphone 4
Puzzle Agent
Drift Mania
Zen Bound 2 – Universal

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  • Legend.inc

    Yay.. Podcast :D

  • AnotherTim

    You guys want feedback? Okay, the single best thing about the podcast the last two weeks is that there was very little time between them! I also like that you’ll be responding to letters (surprised you didn’t post anything about that in the podcast description here) and that you haven’t dropped the immature jokes. I think the humor has been the strongest point of your podcast, at least since I started listening to it (around episode 40 or so, I believe).

    I don’t know what to say about Dave’s absence. I feel kind of bad since I kept saying I wanted him to leave and now he apparently has. I actually think Dave is a beautiful man, but I think that he’s the least insightful when it comes to talking about the games on the podcast. He does do a good job when he writes reviews though, so I think that is mostly an act. I do hope he returns, if only so I can hear more about his love life.

    I really liked that you guys mostly talked about games (iPhone games at that) this episode–that’s what I’m most interested to hear about. I totally agree with Nigel about StarDunk–awesome fun game! Zen Bound 2 is obviously fantastic…but one thing I have to mention is Risk: why bother when there are better clones out there than the official game? Without online multi-player, I’d much rather play Dominion, or Generals, or Blood & Honor. I even think Lux is a better deal for the price point. Screw EA for putting out a half-assed version of Risk.

  • Nigel Wood

    Thanks for the feedback Tim :)

  • xstra

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!! DAVE!!!!!

  • http://hexalex.com Nathan Gray

    Hey guys, I’m the dev of HexaLex. I just found your podcast and I was loving the review until you got to the point where you said HL doesn’t support asynchronous play, at which point I practically fell out of my chair!

    Not only does HexaLex support async play, HexaLex async play is the freakin’ gold standard! Not only does it do the usual push notifications when it’s your turn, you can play any pending turns in your net games on the subway or an airplane, without a network connection! Just launch the game again when you have a connection and the moves you made will be sent.

    Compare that to Scrabble, where you get unceremoniously booted from the game if the server burps, or words with friends, where you can’t even play pass-and-play without an active server connection!

    OTOH, I’m kind of flattered that you thought it was live online play — it’s not, just very very responsive async.

    Cheers, and thanks for the sweet review,