TouchGen Unleashed – Episode 84

We chat through our thoughts on TouchGen’s 2012 GOTY…

Happy New Year – In this first episode of 2013, Nigel, Matt and Nacho talk through our 2012 picks for games of the year in the world of iOS gaming… and other stuff.

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  • Sako Hamilton

    Since Matt got married he lost his mojo. Where did all the cock jokes go :(
    Walking dead is Definitly Game of the year Nigel !!! Didn’t fancy raymond jungle run though

  • http://www.facebook.com/Frungi Samuel Martin

    I think the podcast died. LibSyn doesn’t know what TouchGen is anymore. =(

  • nigelwood

    thanks. we are looking to host it elsewhere

  • Frungi

    Still no word. Is the TouchGen podcast dead?

  • Sako Hamilton

    Looks like d entire site is dead actually :( sad really, liked those guys a lot

  • Frungi

    I don’t think so; this review was posted just last Tuesday.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Had to cancel the Podcast feed hosting. Sorry. Will try and get it back up and running sometime soon.

  • Hklb

    What happened to the podcast;(

  • Sako Hamilton

    Looks like touchgen is dead sadly..