TouchGen Unleashed – episode 44

In this 44th episode we talk Dragon’s Lair, Eliminate, Astro Ranch, Star Wars Trench Run and Avatar in the news. Jet Car Stunts, Ice Age, Touch Pets Dogs, Mysterious Island, Ravensword, Ghost ‘n Goblins and Auditorium are the order of the day in ‘What we’ve been playing’… plus many more. Finally, we finish off with an Eliminate threesome deathmatch… who wins best out of three?

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Games covered in this episode:

03:14 Dragon’s Lair
04:14 Eliminate
07:59 Star Wars: Trench Run
08:14 Avatar
14:52 EDGE
24:34 Ravensword
27:42 Super Juicy
29:37 Ice Age
35:07 Ghosts ‘n Goblins
40:00 Mysterious Island
50:24 TouchPets Dogs
56:56 Annihilation Undead
1:00:22 Struck
1:04:22 GUTS
1:06:57 Auditorium
1:09:28 Run Hamster Run
1:12:48 Jet Car Stunts

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  • Jawa

    Thanks guys, I can’t wait to play Ravensword!

  • Jawa

    I actually just bought the game! The resubmission was approved really fast!

  • Joshn


  • Nigel

    from Urban Dictionary:

    another name for male genitals.

  • Joshn

    Urban Dictionary:

    Alternate moniker to ‘gonads’ or’testicles’.

    Urban dictionary is about as reliable as the royal mail :P .

  • Nigel

    Urban dictionary or not, it’s still spelt
    with a silent G. However, the comment
    was still hilarious so it’s not important. :)

  • Joshn

    Haha, fair do’s

  • legend.inc

    i like that the time when the game is talked about is included in the description now.

  • Tim

    What was the name of that Texas hold ‘em style word game that Nacho mentioned a few episodes back? I suddenly have the urge to find and download this. I think he said there were two versions, one free and one for 99 cents. Anyone remember what that one’s called?