TouchGEN 2008-2014

It’s the end of an era!

I’m saddened to report that we’ll be closing down TouchGEN indefinitely. It’s been a hard decision to make, but regular visitors to this site will no doubt agree that lately TG hasn’t been able to keep up with the fast moving pace of the App Store.

TouchGEN has always been – and remained as – a hobby project. All contributors on the site did so in their spare time.

With freemium games becoming the norm, written reviews in their current form have become somewhat obsolete – that, and most mobile gamers are now either recommended a game by friends through social media, or they grab those featured by Apple – making a site like this less useful.

Sure, there are still some highly original titles being released from both established studios and indies, but sadly the majority of games these days are of the freemium/shovelware variety which, from a writers perspective, are hard to get excited about.

For those of you who are regular readers, we thank you very much for your custom and support over the past five and a half years. TouchGEN would have died a long time ago without you.

We hope we’ve been able to provide you with honest opinions on all things iOS gaming, allowing you to make some wise purchases in the crowded App Store. TouchGEN will remain live as an archive for the foreseeable future, and who knows, perhaps it will return in a new guise at some point.

Best wishes from the TouchGEN team

Nigel, Torbjorn, Matt, Nathan, Pat, Kevin, Merijn, Carl, Justin, Dave and Nacho

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  • Guest

    Good luck to the hole Team whatever they might to in the future.

  • TouchGameplay

    Good luck to the hole team whatever they might do in the upcoming future.

  • abirdnoise

    You will be missed. Hope you’ll show up with a podcast at least from time to time.

  • Markylad

    It’s a really sad day to be honest. I’ve always enjoyed reading your site and you have helped when loads when deciding which games I should download. Best of luck to all of you and many thanks for the past five and a half years!!

  • Dr JuKe

    I really agree with you that the free to play gaming are now the boring norm.
    Your reviewing has been without question useful for the gaming community.Most of cool games played were first found here. Having that said, I believe there will always been a demand for unbiased reviews for games and apps been it free or paid.

  • Matt Dunn

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. We all absolutely loved our time here writing and sharing our meager opinions, and all of us will remain fast friends even with the site going into archive. :) We love all of you who supported us over the years, and we even love all you who hated on us over the years! Cheers all around!

  • Legendinc

    Will be sad to see the site close down. Best of luck with your future projects guys :) you will be missed. :)

  • Avantegardener

    Thanks for your hard work and entertainment over the years.

  • PortableGamingRegion

    Good luck in your future endeavors and feel free to get in touch if you ever feel like writing about iOS gaming again. :)

  • mactds

    Sad to see you go, and best of luck in your future endeavors. If anyone is looking for App Store reviews, check out

  • Kevin

    Sad times! Thanks to all the readers-we appreciate you taking the time to check our opinions over the years, thanks to the TG lads-hope we can collaborate again soon, and a special thanks to Nigel for giving me opportunity to write. I enjoyed every moment.

  • nizy

    Sad news indeed. I mostly found TouchGen reviews to align fairly closely with my own views so that will be sorely missed. Thanks for all the great games you recommended to me and all the duds you helped me avoid!

    I do disagree in the need for reviews of free games though as there are so many new titles on the App Store each week that I neither have the time nor will to try them. A site like TG highlights the games I should bother with.

  • Karl

    You guys had the podcast

  • Karl

    You guys had the best podcast

  • Fabs

    Kind of a lame explanation. Just be upfront about not being interested in iOS gaming anymore. That written reviews are now absolete couldn’t be further from the truth. They are now more needed than ever since it’s increasingly hard to find the gems amongst a pile of shovelwares.

    Oh well, good luck on your next endeavors anyway!

  • John Landry

    What the fuck?!!

  • thestapler

    yeah its a shame. i also disagree with them in the way that now is a really exciting time to be interesting in iOS gaming. there have been so many exciting titles from major and indie developers. its more than a drop in the bucket. and some are even cracking the freemium code and finding interesting takes on the pay models.