Touch of Spirit Review

When I started playing Touch of Spirit, I thought that it would be an interesting game where you must navigate through some stages looking for certain items, in order to get to the next area. Unfortunately I was wrong.  All the game consists of is four viewpoints around one room which you must use to find all the objects needed, whether they are keys, books, or anything else.  The graphics are nice enough, however the items are not rendered in full 3D.  As you rotate around an object, you can see that it is merely a paper thin image.  ToS 1

The game is very easy, and there is no way to make it harder. Just in case you can’t find one of these items lying in plain sight, you have two hints per level. There is little sound in the game, only ambient wind chimes and rain in the background, as well as some chimes when you find items. The story is nothing more then a paragraph or two you can read that tells you a little about your fictional persona and the predicament he is in. there are five different areas, with two levels per area.  I completed all of it in less then fifteen minutes, and had nowhere to go from there.  There is no replay value whatsoever, and no way to make it harder.

Presentation & Graphics
Graphics are nice, but flat when it comes to the objects you must find.

There is little audio, limited to chimes and ambient noises

Gameplay is nothing more then navigate between four diferent camera angles and tap the items wanted.

Very short game, with no replay value

Game Rating


There is little to do in this game, and it won’t even keep you entertained through a long red light.

Touch of Spirit – .99

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  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    edit: @ legend, lol. I was trying to make a convoluted joke, but it was three tiered and I guess it would not make sense outside of my mind even if I tried to explain it. Trust me, I lolled.


    it says red light.

  • Lakeshore |

    Best thing is that I bought this thing to write a review and it doesn’t even run. It crashs me back to the homescreen after a few seconds of the loading screen. I tried everything, like switching the phone to english, rebooting, reinstalling etc. Nothing helped. Sucks.

    So no review for this game on my site ;) . But it seems that I’m missing nothing except my money.