Torture Bunny review

There is a lot of shovel ware in the App Store, and needless to say I get disappointed when one of the major publishers adds a game to that segment. Clickgamer is the budget/quirky side label to Chillingo, and in the past it has had a great collection of games. For example PipeRush, Helsing´s Fire and yeah Angry Birds are published by this crew. Clickgamer has also released one of the worst games I have ever played: io. Needless to say a game called Torture Bunny sounded like it would be in the turd pile instead of the Helsing´s Fire stack.

img_4206Torture Bunny is exactly what it sounds like. You have to torture a bunny dropped from a cage. Before it hits the ground you have to inflict as much damage as possible using a limited number of devices. Fire, bombs, nails, arrows and saws are all there to massacre our cute bunny to pieces. Depending on the damage inflicted you get a grade in carrots.
Every now and then you get to a boss level with the objective to destroy all armour. These are too simple, as you can just line up explosive devices and win without even thinking. Overall the game is simple, and I breezed through it easily. Retrying a level with the same setup yields different results since the rabbit moves around in the cage, and hence is dropped differently each time.

The presentation is hideous, dark and lacks any humour or fun. Given the subject matter this could have been done in a wacky sense to give it some edge. Instead it goes for a dungeon kind of look. The music is also poor, and ends up torturing the player instead of the bunny.

The only reason to get Torture Bunny is the fact that you can take an image from your camera roll, or fresh from the camera to use as face for the bunny. This can be fun if you have issues with someone, and don’t want to spend a hefty amount at a shrink. Now you can spend a buck to release all that aggression instead.

img_4203Torture Bunny is just above the fart applications in quality, and subject matter. Being far too easy, far too dark and far too boring is not a good thing. It is even strange that such a poor game could have come out of the idea of torturing bunnies. Give this one a miss.

Final Rating


Torture Bunny $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Clickgamer Technologies Ltd

Torture Bunny HD $1.99

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