Toki Tori Review

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well in Toki Tori the chicken came fist, to save all his little egg friends.

Toki Tori is a classic puzzle platform dating back to it’s original, critically acclaimed, title for the Gameboy color way back in 2001. In this game you play the part of a large yellow chicken named Toki Tori. Your job is to save all the eggs that have been scattered all over the magical Toki Tori world. To do so you will need to plan your route carefully, avoid obstacles and enemies, and use a variety of fun & useful tools.

tokitori_forestToki Tori may have started it’s life on the Gameboy Color, but the version of the iPhone is a far cry from it’s younger cousin. While the gameplay may be similar the graphics and gameplay have had tremendous updates. In fact, the iPhone version appears to be ported over from the very popular Wii Ware version of the game.

Toki Torki has 4 very different worlds you play in: Forrest Falls, Creepy Castle, Slimy Sewer, and Bubble Barrage. Each world has 10 levels to complete to move on to the next stage. In addition each world also has “Hard” levels. These aren’t required to move on but are there to offer more challenging levels for the more advanced puzzler.

The Good

tokitori_castle_zoomThe polish of this game is incredible. Looking from the Wii title to this one there seems to be no difference in the game except controls, and screen ratio. The animations are as sooth as butter and the levels are varied and colorful. Toki Tori is one of a handful of iPhone titles that actually makes your iPhone feel like a legitimate gaming console.

I love the art style. I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on that fat, fluffy, chicken I knew we were meant to be together. The characters in the game have been drawn with serious consideration and it shows. Even the levels have an incredible level of detail, looking very different from each other while still keeping with the same art style. As you move from forests to haunted castle, and from sewers to underwater, you will marvel at the artwork the whole way through.

tokitori_slimeThe levels cover a wide range of challenge and variety. Casual, and hardcore puzzlers will find tons of gameplay to keep them satisfied. Not just because there are almost 70 levels to play, but because each one has different tools and environmental challenges to deal with. For example, Bubble Barrage world is played completely underwater and you have to concern yourself about where to get air as you move around. Also as you go through the game you get many many tools to help you on your way. These include, bridges, teleporters, slug suckers, ice guns, and more. This keeps Toki Tori consistently fresh and fun.

The Bad

tokitori_bubbleIt’s really hard to find a bad point for this game. One thing that makes it especially difficult is the iPhone platform itself. If this were being played on a normal portable platform Toki Tori would easily get 5 stars, but because we are talking about a platform with so many new capabilities we like to see games take advantage of the iPhone’s unique features.  With Toki Tori for example I would at least have liked to have seen some online features like downloadable levels or online leader boards.

I haven’t played the Wii version, so I don’t know if these are the same levels or not. If you have played the Wii version and are looking at this title, you may want to look closely and make sure your not just getting the same game again.

The Bottom Line

Toki Tori is a full console experience on your iPhone. From the graphics and gameplay, to game-length and features this game is pound for pound as good as the Wii game. If you are interested in platform puzzlers at all you will absolutely love Toki Tori.

Presentation & Graphics
Everything in the graphics department is perfect.

The audio is a fantastic high-end soundtrack, but without allowing you to play your own music, I can’t give you 5 stars.

Toki Tori is the pinacle of perfection for platform puzzlers!

Tons of gamelife wtih 69 levels. Can’t get 5 stars without downloadable content.

Game Rating
Toki Tori is such a strong title, like ZenBound, it adds legitimacy to the iPhone and iPod touch as a gaming platform.

Toki Tori ($4.99)

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  • Rock $ Rolla



    awesome game! must buy this as soon as i get paid.

  • jeffyg3

    “I haven’t played the Wii version”

    “this game is pound for pound as good as the Wii game.”

    How do you you it’s as good as the Wii game if you’ve never played the Wii version?

  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    There is this little thing called the internet…..

  • Nacho

    I watched my Bro-in law play it. :) But don’t take my word for it. You can just look at the gameplay videos on the interwebs as Nathan suggested.

  • LazyAndroid

    I can’t believe there are still people out there that didn’t get the memo:
    Downloadable content sucks!! It is just a marketing strategy to get more money out of you, so the companies sell you an unfinished game and you have to buy the missing parts. I am glad this doesn’t have downloadable content. If they want to give us more levels they can just update the app for free like the game Archibald’s Adventures did several times. Or they can make part II and sell that to us. But downloadable content is just wrong.

  • Flaming Ninja

    @LazyAndroid “Or they can make part II and sell that to us.” So you’re saying you’d rather buy a whole new game and pay more than pay for extra content, emphasis on the ‘extra’, it’s not an unfinished game if it stands alone as a viable game.