Tiny Wings 2.0 Review

In an incredible act of customer loyalty, Tiny Wings 2.0 launches as a free update.

You love those cute little birds with their tiny, useless wings; don’t you? Of course you do. They are so damn cute it is impossible not to like them. I bet you would like some more cute little bird action. I would also guess that you would like to get it for free. Well that last part sounds too good to be true, but you actually can!

Tiny Wings 2.0 is being billed as a sequel that’s being given out to players as a free update. Most companies with a successful game like Tiny Wings are immediately on the lookout for a way to cash in and get the next game to market. Not Andreas Illiger. He added a new mode that feels like it could have easily been a second game to the original as a free update.

This new mode features the same Tiny Wings gameplay, which you can read about in Torb’s review here. The difference is the way the game progresses. Instead of trying to survive as long as possible and complete challenges, there are actual stages. This gives the progression a great sense of purpose and adds to the gameplay.

In addition to the stages, the game is now played like a race. You choose one of the four baby birds and race your brothers and sisters to your mother’s nest. The bird that finishes first gets the biggest fish, and they get progressively smaller as you move down the line. You need to come in third place or better to move on to the next level. Think of this like Angry Birds; you can complete a level with one star, but you feel better about yourself if you complete it with more.

In all, there are 15 new race levels, with the promise of more on the horizon. I was never a huge fan of Tiny Wings, as I found the way it progressed did not suck me in, but I absolutely love the race mechanic. It gives you a more tangible feel for how you are doing and makes the game feel more competitive.

The gameplay in the 15 levels is made longer by the fact that each bird progresses individually. If you beat all 15 levels with one bird, you can go back and do it again with another.

If you buy the HD version of the app, you also gain same-device multiplayer. This allows you to race your real-life friends in cute, tiny bird action. Besides beautiful retina display support, the mulitplayer alone makes the HD version worth owning.

The game still looks and sounds just like it did before. That’s not a negative at all, because the original looked and sounded awesome.

If you have held off on picking up Tiny Wings, now is the time to make a move. There is a whole bunch of new gameplay, plus all the original. It really is the very definition of a no-brainer. The original received a 4.5, and this new update, while great, does not add enough to change the score.


Tiny Wings (with the free update) is available for $.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on iPad.

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  • Matt Dunn

    the multiplayer race on the iPad version is freaking awesome.

  • DeInit

    On a Retina iPad, this game is a feast for the eyes as well as for the spirits.