Tiny Lights review

Light is power, and light is life. Outside of the safe city light eaters dwell with dark intentions. A small party of Tiny Lights venture out into the dark forest to fight darkness, and restore the knowledge to the world.

Tiny Lights is a mesmerising tale of good versus evil, light versus dark. You initially only get to control one lonely light venturing into the forest: Alpha. As you venture onwards you meet up with other lights with new abilities. Only the Brave can fight, and only the Mystic can solve door puzzles. Changing between the characters is as easy as simply tapping the portrait of the active light. If a light falls to the darkness it can be restored in the city.

img_4399The touch controls are confusing, and especially combat is hard to get to grips with. To move you slide your finger across the screen, but often I find the response to be slow or non-existent. This is not such a big problem when you just explore the area. When the Brave tries to shoot missiles it becomes a matter of extreme frustration. You have to tap, and then drag the direction of the attack. At times it results into the Brave running towards the enemies instead of killing them. The only safe way to kill light eaters is to find some object that they get stuck on, and try to aim at them. The AI is not that great, as they only swarm your light no matter if there are better routes they go straight.

img_4397Tiny Lights is a short game with just a handful of puzzles, and areas to explore. Memory puzzles are used to open doors where your Mystic has to repeat patterns. Block puzzles can be found at a few locations, and only the strong Brave is capable of solving them. This is not really a brainteaser, and not really an action game. For some reason it still manages to grab me, and suck me in. Much in the same way as Metroid you want to explore more, and more. You learn to know new lights, and new abilities open new areas. Too sad that it all ends in a couple of hours.

The presentation in Tiny Lights is lucid, mysterious and perfect for the subject matter. I found it really immersive, especially the forlorn looking forests. The music is more ambient than in your face, and it really helps setting the mood. Cute tinkling tunes can be heard on the safe city screen. Overall the presentation in Tiny Lights is unique, and worth sampling in itself.

img_4400Tiny Lights suffers from some horrible control issues, especially at the few occasions when you try to battle the enemies. A short game life also stumps this otherwise immersive, cute and explorative experience. It gets my recommendations despite the flaws because of the unique experience it provides.

Final Rating


Tiny Lights $0.99
Version: 1.2
Seller: Darling Dash Limited

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