Tin Man Can review

A HoverBot named Tic, or a Tin Man named Can?

Tin Man Can features a unicycle HoverBot named Tic. A bit confusing, as I guessed the name of the main character would have been Can the Tin Man. After that initial confusion about title, and name of main character not harmonizing a really pleasing experience awaits.

Tin Man Can is a level-based runner game. Tic has to complete levels, while collecting hovatrons and fuel cells. You see there is a story to this runner game, and it goes something like this: evil stuff happened, Tic lost in space, has to fuel up his ship, get home to own dimension. Ok, so the story is a bit convoluted, but it at least explains why Tic doesn’t just get into his ship right away.

Tic runs automatically, and the controls are all about timing his jumps and hovering moves. You simply tap the screen to jump, and hold it to hover. There is limitations to length of time Tic can hover shown in a meter at the top. To refill he can pick up hovatrons, or run on the ground. New obstacles, and opportunities are introduced at a quick pace. Fans, thumpers and rocket boosters are just a few of these.

Each level has three fuel cells to collect, and a level time to beat. You are awarded gold, silver or bronze depending on your time. It is however more important to get the fuel cells, which might take some seconds extra time.

Collected hovatrons can be used in the Hover Shop to customize Tic. There are tons of modifications: both cosmetic, and performance enhancing. There are of course iAP to get more hovatrons, and to really pimp out Tic you need to spend some dough. But why should you?

Because of the online head-to-head multiplayer that is. Being able to clearly tell your Tic apart from generic Tic is important, and cool. This mode is what sets Tin Man Can apart from all the rest of the runners.

The presentation in Tin Man Can reminds me of Tiny Wings with lush dreamy backgrounds. Tic himself is a bit boring, as characters go. Without customization he is completely forgettable in my opinion. The soundtrack is quite nice giving the game an extra thump of energy.

Tin Man Can combines great presentation with simple to grasp controls, and an excellent multiplayer mode. The limitation it has is the fact that at heart it is just another level based runner. To really shine I would like to see an endless runner survival mode played by thousands simultaneously. For now it is a great start.

Final Rating

Tin Man Can $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPod/iPhone

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