Time Geeks: Find All! Review

Where’s Waldo is a classic awesome and entertaining game. Mix that with some sci-fi/geeky humor and you have Time Geeks.

The idea of the game is very simple, find given items on a specific location. There are four locations and you will visit them twice through the course of the game. The first time they are pretty easy, of course as you visit a new location things get more complicated. Things start to get really interesting the second time around, though. The first level, which is an island (Lost fans will love this level), becomes bigger the second time around. So finding items becomes a real task. Some items you have to find more than once in the same round, which is even worse. Of course there is the usual pinch and zoom in to give you an extra advantage. There is a flaw here though, and that is that sometimes while moving the screen it would count as if you had pressed an area of the map (as if you were selecting the item) and when that happens, and you are not selecting the correct item, you are penalized with a time deduction; and the point of the game is to find the items as fast as possible.

timegeeks1There a sort of story behind it all and that is that this group of geeks is lost in time and you need to find the items in order to help them get back in track. Which is why one minute you might be in an island, the other in a futuristic city (my favorite one, even though I am a Lost fan), a Mayan city or even a soccer stadium.

The game isn’t all about finding items though, although that would be enough. There are also unlockable mini-games that you can go back to whenever you want. Some of them are pretty awesome and there are just a few that are kind of monotonous and not really worth it.

Overall the game is really fun. It gives “Where’s Waldo” a whole new meaning and although it is nothing new when it comes to that aspect of gameplay, this kinds of games never get old. Finding this items, in this very amazing and difficult environments, will proof to be a challenge on itself. You will find yourself investing a lot of time in this baby, and that is without playing the mini games. All of that for just $0.99 means it is a definite buy.


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