TiltaFun: Quick Review

So is this game as fun as the title suggests?

As I mentioned before in the news story I posted on this game, I have a problem with anything purporting to be fun. Fun in itself is a matter of opinion, and I’ll make my own mind up whether it’s fun or not, thank you very much. I’ve always thought anything with fun in the title sound a bit desperate! Like a Fun Fair or a Fun Run… very cruise ship!

Anyhoo, back on track…. TiltaFun – by On the Rocks – is tilt based game along the lines of Labyrinth, with a bit of Pacman style food collection thrown in for good measure. Each level presents you with a top down view of a level consisting of various types of sweets and cakes which you must collect, and wall based obstacles which you must avoid. You play a candy monster, and through tilt control alone you must navigate the levels and collect all the food before unlocking the next level. The game is all candy coated in some polished and easy to use menus which is joined by a catchy background tune.


primary1Presentation and graphics:
Great Candy Monster character art, but the graphics in game are very basic. Akin to something you would have seen on the NES, only in high definition. This is a shame because the Candy Monster character is well developed, and deserves a better starring role.


Catchy music, but that’s all there is. No sound effects in the game itself for the candy monster let the side down. 


While the tilt controls perform well and are very responsive. I found the actual game play itself very basic and ultimately shallow, there’s no hook to keep me playing… it’s certainly no Pacman, put it that way. Young gamers and casual audiences might find fun here, but for me it’s just an average gaming experience.


The game contains 50 levels, which with a steady hand you can breeze through in a few play sessions [Warning, due to a glitch, don't replay an earlier level as it will re-lock later levels, so you'll have to start all over again]. Due to their simplicity in design I was expecting more. A level editor would be a nice addition.


Final rating

If On the Rocks had put as much effort into the Gameplay as they did in the promotion and art style of the game, then they could have had a good title on their hands. For the sale price of $0.99 it’s not going to bankrupt you, so if you think it’s your cup of tea then go for it, but I think there’s much more on offer elsewhere for the same price.

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