Tilt to Live

You are Larson City’s new DA, the name’s Jeremy Irons, and you’re the city’s last hope! after the last DA was found dead on a pier, everyone else turned and fled the town. Irons was hot on the trail of the infamous “Missile Kill Mike” when the chase went sour and at the worst possible time and he ran out of ammo. Fleeing the scene, Irons called for backup as he headed for an old abandoned warehouse. One of Mike’s infamous Kill Missiles impacted and trapped Irons in a tomb of debris. With nothing to do but wait for your backup, you pull out your trusty iPhone with it’s clear network signal. Play tilt to live on your iPhone as you bide your time.stay away from the hole!!!

Tilt to live is an epic journey in which you must save yourself from genocidal red dots attempting to swarm you. If you touch so much as one of these malicious red dots, you will shatter. Fortunately, you are not alone. You can obtain various one use weapons throughout your fight. These range from a minor nuke, to a cluster of homing missiles, to rotating saw blades around your ship.

The graphics in this game are beautiful and smooth, the background has clear and smooth textures which follow your ship. the controls are smooth and precise. There are three presets for the angle of your device, along with a custom setting. You must use the accelerometer to steer, and there is no way to control with on screen controls. I find that this is good, because were you to have fingers blocking the screen, you would never survive.

stay away!!!!!!!!!This game uses the online game service AGON, which is essentially a OpenFeint knockoff. It has an achievements list, and in order to unlock new weapons to use. you must earn X points worth of achievements. Each weapon has it’s own use, and a couple have things to watch out for (black holes suck in more than just enemies)

This game is getting a game of the year recommendation from me, as it’s a great game. Right now the only thing stopping it from getting five stars is the lack of intuitive help screen and only one game mode. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone, and at only $1.99 it’s definitely worth it.

*update* the recent update added two new game modes, as well as new achievements. One of the new modes is simply “classic mode on crack. Prepare to die” and the other one is a survival style mode entitled gauntlet. Almost as if the developers have taken my suggestions personally, they also made the help screen much better, and overall smoothed out the game. I now have no problem giving this game a full five stars!

*update 2* another new mode has been added: frostbite! as well as a new weapon to unlock! just more reasons to pick up this great game!


Tilt to Live – $1.99

*Editor’s Choice*

Version 1.2 build 69

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  • Joe

    Great game I agree this is highly recommend title. Everyone I have shown this to has liked the game.


    looks confusingly great…

  • Justin Grubbs, USA

    oh it is! it’s really not confusing at all, just a bit hectic. it makes for a great time!

  • Andy

    THANK YOU for recommending this game.
    Been playing it non stop for a couple of days. My PS3 and Xbox360 have never been this much fun!

  • AnotherTim

    I got this due to the strong recommendation here, and also because it’s only a buck right now. It’s a ton of fun, isn’t it? Tough as well though. This certainly is one of my favorite pick-up and play games. And I’m not a huge casual game fan, usually, but this is most definitely one of the better ones.